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Dr-Terry-Wahls-Wahls-Genie-MaybanksI got lucky. I was hosting a series of talks for Dr. Wahls and heard what she said about how food literally makes up what we are. I started to think about how the effect of food on cells was universal–how nutrients affect every cell in every person, sick or not. And, all of a sudden, it just made sense. I looked at my own diet and made a few changes. After just a month on Dr Wahls’ diet, I went from a diagnosis of infertility to conceiving a child! My body began to repair itself on the inside. She has a remarkable message to share with us: We are what we eat. I believe it.

— Genie Maybanks

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  • Antonio

    Dude, you are an inspiration. I srettad P90x in January as well. I have lost about 22 pounds. I feel great and look great, but I am sort of stuck at 182 lbs (I am 5’8). I would really like to get to about 170 175 and get as ripped as possible. My nutrition is decent and I am considering adding in the p90X plus workouts to my routine. Thanks

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