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Wahls Warrior™ Kerry Maclaurin and her family faced health challenges that weren’t tackled with diet alone. It wasn’t until they examined their living environment and the personal care products they used every day that lead to breakthroughs in their health.

This discovery inspired Kerry to help other people uncover the lifestyle components that may be contributing to their poor health. Last year she became a Certified Wahls Protocol® Health Professional and has launched her own business, Our Healthy Friend. Her mission is to make it easier for people to reduce the toxic load in their homes and everyday personal care rituals.

Hear our interview here:

Our Healthy Friend is a 2018 Wahls Protocol Seminar and Retreat sponsor.

Kerry and her daughter started Our Healthy Friend to provide a simple link to cleaner, safer products and to educate others that all the products you’re putting on your skin, into your body, and on every surface in your home, impact your overall health! 

While there are many sources with information telling you how you can make your own toxin-free home and self-care products, sometimes you don’t have the time and resources. Visit and follow the links to a range of safer, cleaner products you can order online for home delivery.

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