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In an interview with Jayson and Mira Calton from Calton Nutrition, Dr. Wahls explains how she took charge of her health.

During this interview, Dr. Wahls gives a history of her symptoms and development of multiple sclerosis.  When her MS worsened and she was confined to a tilt-recline wheelchair, Dr. Wahls began to discover the nutritional powers of food. After reading the latest research and literature, she noticed that the root cause of disease is broken biochemistry in cells.

Dr. Wahls talks about how we are starving ourselves of the nutrients we need to thrive, how that affects the mitochondria in our cells, and how that ultimately leads to disease and illness. She also describes the criticism she encountered when she first began teaching food as medicine. She stresses the importance of research and the clinical trials that show her teachings are accurate.

Dr. Wahls and the Caltons list several important reasons to avoid GMOs (genetically modified organisms). Dr. Wahls explains that diet is the foundation of health and we must be thoughtful about how we eat and live in order to optimize our health.


Jayson and Mira Caltons are among the world’s leading experts on weight management, lifestyle medicine, and micronutrient deficiency. They work with adults and children to achieve sustainable weight loss and reverse disease conditions. Their interview episodes podcast, In-Depth, explore story leaders and visionaries who are changing the world.

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