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Dr. Wahls shares her history of multiple sclerosis on

By reading the latest research and drawing from Paleo principles and Functional Medicine, Dr. Wahls created a nutrient-dense diet to feed her brain cells and mitochondria. With the help of senior scientists and grant funding, Dr. Wahls has begun researching the effect of the diet on other individuals with autoimmune disease. With one paper already published, Dr. Wahls and her team have found that the diet has significant impact on fatigue and may allow participants to regain some of their energy. Future reports on her research will cover gait, mood, and nutritional status of study participants.

Through her research, Dr. Wahls has discovered that many people are consuming a poor quality diet that lacks many of the vitamins, minerals, and healthy fats our bodies need. She has also seen the high prevalence of people with sensitivities to gluten and diary and high concentrations of toxins in their bodies. The Wahls Protocol maximizes the 31 nutrients our brains and bodies need to thrive while helping to eliminate toxins and food allergens from our diet. Visit for free materials and more information on a list of nutrients necessary for optimal living, how to test for food allergies through an elimination diet, and how to detox using kelp and algae. provides health information from top guests and experts around the world. Through easy to listen to conversations, helps listeners stay healthy, live a happy life, and feel their best. is produced by talk radio professionals and is dedicated to providing accurate and timely information to health-conscious individuals.

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