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I am releasing the first ever Wahls Protocol In Person 2 Day Seminar.

Wahls Protocol – In Person Seminar

Save the Date

On September 20 and 21st at the Prairiewood Spirituality Center in Hiawatha, Iowa, I will offer a seminar so you can meet me in person and learn how to transform your health. In this two-day seminar, I will teach you, just as I teach the patients in my therapeutic lifestyle clinic, the Functional Medicine principles you can use to rebuild your life. I will explain why these changes are so powerful and then show you how to begin your journey. Dr Terry Wahls - Before and After 07s

Limited Seating Available

I get phone calls from all over the world from people who want to make an appointment with me, who want help with their pain, brain fog, weakness, autoimmune problems, and many other symptoms. Unfortunately, I cannot see these people; my only clinics are at the VA Hospital, where I see veterans in the traumatic brain injury clinic and people with complex chronic health problems in a therapeutic lifestyle clinic. I don’t have a private practice so I can’t be your personal doctor. For this reason I created this event and I’m keeping it small allowing for more conversation and questions. This is an intimate event and I expect it to sell out quickly.

The price will increase by $100 effective Sept. 1st.

Dr Terry Wahls 03m

Hotel & Airline Info – Marriott Cedar Rapids

Guests may book at the Marriott Cedar Rapids after they purchase the seat at the seminar. A discounted rate is reserved for the Wahls Protocol Attendees. Please do not book your hotel or airline ticket before you purchase the seat at the seminar. We have limited seating and expect to run out quickly. Discounted hotel information will be sent to you after you purchase your seat.

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  • kristy

    Will you be recording the event and selling video later for those who cannot attend? I do hope you will consider doing so! I am far away, but would love to watch a video!

  • Susie Baechle

    I couldn’t figure out what the cost is to register and the cost for the hotel rooms. Can you send me that, please?

  • Aurora Colello

    I am a San Diego based triathlete with MS very interested in attending this conference! Dr. Wahls has been a huge inspiration to me. Where do I sign up? What are the costs? Thanks!

    • Aurora Colello

      oops! Just saw the Sign Up Here button!!! Thanks! 🙂

  • Andrea kaiser

    I see it’s $500.00. Is there a discount for spouse attending?

    • Naomi Wahls

      Yes. It is $900 for a couple.

  • jacob

    Hi Dr Wahl’s. I have been diagnosed with ms this past April. I’m twenty five. I wish I could go but Iowa is a bit far from where I live in CT.

    Thank you

    PS.. Where you on prescription meds when you started to play with the nutrition aspect of your life?

  • Deb

    What is the price & how do I sign up?

  • Cheryl Peters

    Thank youin advance for sending information regarding your seminar!

  • Gerrie

    If you have a good turn out for this event, will you consider bringing it to canada in the future?

  • Cindy Naser

    I am interested in attending. Please provide information. Thank you.


    Please send me info on the seminar.

  • Rachel Hall

    Trying to do the diet, need to get all the advice that I can !

  • Rachel Hall

    I’m trying the diet

  • Laila

    Do you think your program would work for SLE Lupus?

  • Pamela Albanese

    Are you planning a future visit to the Northeatern States? I would love to me you. I have been following your protocol for a few years. I believe it is keeping me stable with my secondary progressive MS. My neurologist finally agrees. Thank you for all that you do!

  • Christina Frazier

    Hi, I am seriously considering attending your event but I wanted to know if someone who has insulin resistance/metabolic syndrome can benefit from the focus of this seminar?

    I am thinking so but wanted to ask. I have studied this topic a lot trying to heal myself so I am not a beginner but I need help pulling all the information together and incorporating this new way of living into my daily life.

    Will I benefit?

    Thanks, C Frazier~

  • Kathrine Anderson Cicala

    Is the seminar sold-out?
    Is there a wait list?

    I have been away and missed the announcement.

  • chelle ching

    I heard mention there may be a chance for your providing ‘live stream’. I first saw your TEDX video a little over a year ago… and I watched it over and over and took notes… then I started to apply much of what you said *I too have MS. I believe you, your research and willingness to share your story… pretty much restored a quality of life… I thought was gone. thank you. I’ve lived in Hawaii all my adult years, and getting to the mainland just ain’t happening… so an opportunity to view your seminar otherwise… would help me and others soooooooo much. Thank YOU !

  • sharon

    Interested in a digital seminar

  • Teresa D Ordo

    I have been doing your diet alone for awhile. Finally, my husband is doing his version to lose weight. Fifty pounds later, he gets it … I need help tho. I am also an insulin dependent diabetic. I don’t need to lose weight. I need more carbs, or maybe I’m not eating right….I am unable to attend the seminar, I would buy a video if offered please let me know if that is possible .TKU

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