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ancestral food summit banner imageFrom Joe Salama, publisher of The Paleo Miracle book series, coauthor and publisher of The Tao of Paleo, and Board Member of The Paleo Foundation:

So I went to a paleo conference a few years ago….and it was truly an amazing experience. I got to learn so much about so many topics, my mind was blown. And then it hit me: Not everyone can afford to disappear from their obligations, fly across the country, and spend a few nights in a hotel, and pay for the registration fee to attend something like that – these events can easily cost over $1,000. BUT there are so many who could benefit from getting the latest and most current knowledge – if they could only afford it.

Then I was approached by The Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund with the idea of bringing high quality and up-to-date paleo and ancestral knowledge to everyone, regardless of where they are, make it affordable, and let them watch it at their own pace – so they could stop, rewind, take notes, or come back and finish later if they want.


And thus The Ancestral Food Summit was born.

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