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Veggie Roundup Collage

Americans eat an average of 1.5 cups vegetables daily, and most often, that vegetable is white potato. It’s no wonder chronic disease is on the rise. Dr. Wahls showed in her book how essential vegetables are to our nutrition. It wasn’t just paleo that improved her health and got her out of a wheelchair. It was nutrient-dense paleo, which includes 6-9 cups vegetables daily (and potatoes don’t top that list.)

My name’s Eileen Laird, and I’m the blogger behind Phoenix Helix. I have rheumatoid arthritis myself and have reduced my symptoms by 95% without any immunosuppressant or steroid medication. How did I do it? The same way Dr. Wahls did. I found her protocol at the beginning of my healthcare journey, and it made sense to me. If we are trying to rebuild our health at the cellular level, we need to feed our bodies the finest nutrition available. So, I kissed my beloved French fries goodbye.

If you’re like most people, switching to the Wahls Protocol is a huge dietary change, and the recommendation of 6-9 cups of vegetables can be intimidating. Not only that, but Dr. Wahls also recommends we eat as wide a variety of vegetables as possible. That means no food ruts. Hunter-gatherers eat up to 200 different foods in a year, and Terry sets herself that same challenge. Don’t recognize something at the grocery store or farmer’s market? Bring it home! Kale is fabulous, but kale/arugula/beet greens/chard/collards/mustard greens/ nettles spinach/watercress is even better.

I have the ultimate recipe roundup to make this transition easier. I’ve scoured paleo-friendly blogs and found delicious recipes that meet the Wahls Protocol, and will inspire us all to try something new. I have everything from Artichokes to Zucchini, from Fiddleheads to Chayote. Let’s get our cellular nutrition going!

A-Z Vegetable Recipe Roundup for the Wahls Protocol

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