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Enjoy this guest post from Wahls Health Practitioner, Alene Brennan from

We may have sweet memories of all the treats that filled our Easter baskets during childhood. 

The Easter bunny brought us our favorite chocolates, jelly beans, and marshmallow treats. 

Of course, ignorance was complete bliss as we indulged without a care in the world about how they affected our bodies. Those moments and those memories are wonderful. 

But now decades later, as a Wahls Warrior and Functional Nutrition Counselor living with MS, I understand all too well how these foods affect my body. 

I’ve made such tremendous progress in managing MS. The lesions on my brain shrunk and went inactive within six months and now almost six years later there has been no new activity. 

I don’t want to compromise this progress, but I still want to enjoy all the holidays. Especially now that I’m a mom, I want to have Easter baskets for the entire family that bring joy and health. 

So, can we have it all?

Can we have our health and eat our Easter treats too?


It just takes a little extra planning.

As a Wahls certified practitioner, I want to share with you some ideas of how to fill those baskets or simply enjoy some treats this spring. 

To satisfy the sweet tooth: 

  • Natural fruit strips
  • Dates
  • Coconut rolled dates

You can also think beyond sweets:

  • Seaweed strips
  • Individual collagen packets 
  • Jerky sticks 

Have you been wanting to eliminate some of the toxins in your daily routine and home environment? 

Now would be the perfect time to treat yourself to a natural beauty product such as:

  • Essential oils
  • Natural lip gloss 
  • All-natural sunscreen 

Do you need a little motivation to boost your hydration in a day? 

Treat yourself to: 

  • New water bottle 
  • Tea mug
  • Herbal tea 

Does stress often get the best of you?

Include these relaxation additions: 

  • Gift certificate to a massage or your favorite service 
  • Lavender essential oil
  • Essential oil diffuser 

Want some inspiration to move your body more this spring?

  • New socks or hat that you can wear on an outdoor walk
  • Yoga strap to support stretching tight muscles
  • Gift certificate to iTunes or audible so you have something enjoyable to listen to while you move your body. 

Are you a garden lover?

  • Gardening gloves
  • A cooling scarf to best manage the heat
  • Heirloom seeds to plant in your garden

With a little creativity, the possibilities are truly endless. 

You can continue to manage your health and enjoy the holidays with your family. Because that’s what this is about – supporting our health so that we can live a meaningful and fulfilling life. 

I created a YouTube video for you as well so you can the Easter basket that I assembled with many of the items mentioned in this post. 

You can also follow my journey on Instagram at

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