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Chad Vaccarino from ‘A Great Big World’ recently published a very intimate video about his personal life: A Great Big World – Day 23 – A Day In the Life: Food for Thought.

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  • Mary Collins

    This is a wonderful story that is like my own. I’m 55 and had reversal of all symptoms using diet in 1995 months after being diagnosed and making major detoxing and diet changes. It is great to hear a young person, relatively newly diagnosed making these changes and seeing such results. My onset also came at a very stressful time in my life. Thanks for sharing the story of coming out. I am straight, a mom of a 13 year old and married happily, but not narrow minded!

  • Roz Novak-Houston


  • Michelle Black

    Kudos to you, Chad!
    I was diagnosed in 1999, and took 4 of 5 ms drugs, and was sicker than I’ve ever been. Nuts to that! Been focusing on detoxing my body and going lots of green, daily exercise, good thoughts, mental pursuits, healthy people and subjects, and advocating for my own best health choices since 1999, now including Dr. Wahl’s suggested way of eating. Power to you, Chad!!!

  • Jean Duggan

    Will be working with my new Dr. using you book.

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