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A clinical trial testing Dr. Wahls’ interventions in the setting of secondary progressive multiple sclerosis is in progress.

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  • Giuseppe cirillo

    I understand the importance of eating healty . These are great tips. I have secondary progressive MS myself. My question is: From this study are there any of the patients involved regaining ANY mobility lost? I have been thru alot of extreme diets incorperating lots of greens and I have had much success in many areas but still can’t regain my mobility issue with my right leg? Although better my balance is still an issue as well

    • Mary Collins


      I was diagnosed in 1995 and on my own came to follow a diet very much like the one Dr. Wahls suggests after researching people who reversed serious chronic conditions. Since I started within weeks of diagnosis I reversed what I had quickly and have not had more symptoms, though I can tell at times of stress or no enough sleep that I still have the potential to develop symptoms were I do not do what I need to do.

      My short answer to you is that this is a lifestyle and exercise, meditation, detoxing from things already in your system and supplements initially (I used flax seed oil in 1995) may be needed. Also if you have had disability for a long time it will take time to change that. Not to say you cannot regain, but it will take perhaps as long as it took to get to where you are. If you think of this as extreme and sacrificing for nothing then your mindset isn’t going to support the discipline required to do this. I’m not saying that to be unkind, but you have to choose and then commit 100%. To me I knew what I valued and I didn’t want to give that up. I was single when diagnosed and now at 55 had a great son, now 14 having married 15 years ago. I want to be whole and able to play with my family, think clearly, etc.

      Best and feel free to email me directly.


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