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30 Day Wahls Paleo QuickStart Program Level 2

We released the 2nd level of the 30 Day QuickStart Program. You can now learn how to shift into the Wahls Paleo Diet from the Wahls Diet. We talked more about the Level 2 program in our webinar. Listen to the free webinar about the 30 Day Wahls Paleo QuickStart Program Level 2.

Dr. Wahls and Leann Ely 3

30 Day QuickStart Testimonials

Below are a few testimonials that we’ve received so far from the first 30 Day QuickStart group. View all the 30 Day QuickStart testimonials here.

Testimonials of the 30 Day Quick Start Program Level 1

After just 3 weeks into the 30-Day QuickStart I have less fatigue, increased focus, a more positive mood and solid hope. I’m enjoying food again, not hungry between meals, and losing weight.
The Wahls Protocol book has given me information and inspiration. The 30-Day QuickStart has given me the tools and professional (as well as peer) reinforcement to make it work for me! I’m making the lifestyle change!

Wahls Warrior Julie – 30 Day QuickStart Level 1

This journey has been amazing! I found Dr. Wahls’ TED Talk a couple months ago. Her book made everything finally make sense. I have never been diagnosed with MS but have been suffering for many years from tremors, fluttering eyelids, and diabetes. I abused my body for many decades, gaining and losing and gaining hundreds of pounds. Food addition, bulimia, all of that. Did raw food on and off, juice fasting (made me feel worse and killed my thyroid), Bulletproof Intermittent Fasting (felt great but in hindsight my adrenals were too trashed to take his protocol)…blah blah blah…following Dr. Wahls, this is the FIRST time I have felt like I could do this for the rest of my life! With the comprehensive information in The Wahls Protocol and the gorgeous recipes in the book and the 30-day Quickstart, I finally feel vast improvement in my symptoms, particularly with neck pain (from horseback riding falls and a car accident) and a frozen shoulder, and in general well-being and increased energy. I am eternally grateful for the tools given by Dr. Terry L. Wahls and Leanne Ely and for the wonderful support of all the people in the FB group – thank you!

Wahls Warrior Kristi – 30 Day QuickStart Level 1

The combination of reading The Wahls Protocol, getting delicious meal recipes that meet the dietary requirements and please the whole family, plus being able to interact with Dr Terry L. Wahls, Leanne Ely and a wonderful worldwide support group has been better than I could have imagined. The hope that The Wahls Protocol engenders for taking back control over our illnesses is amplified by people in the group taking positive steps in changing their dietary habits, mental attitude and lifestyle choices, then reporting back on their successes. It’s been the best thing I could do for my own and my family’s health. Highly recommended!

Wahls Warrior Mike – 30 Day QuickStart Level 1

It’s a whole new world for me eating healthy, cooking great meals. Feeling empowered! Love my new lifestyle! Thank you Dr. Terry L. Wahls and Leanne Ely never thought I could do this ~ you made it possible for me to succeed!

Wahls Warrior Lisa – 30 Day QuickStart Level 1

I am very thankful I found Dr. Terry L. Wahls and Leanne Ely and the group. I had already started following The Wahls Protocol with the book. Being able to have further clarity and reinforcement has helped so much to push me further. Improving health and 10 pounds lighter.

Wahls Warrior Lynda – 30 Day QuickStart Level 1

I have been having soft tissue pain in my thighs for years. With 3 weeks on the Wahls protocol, that pain is much reduced. I sometimes have no pain but even when I do have some, it is not nearly as bad. My left leg has been “stiff” for I don’t know how long. It is straight and stiff as I walk. It is now moving more naturally and without the stiffness. It has been interesting to see my pain change. As my soft tissue lessened, my joint pain has increased. At this point, it is all receding. I have also had a problem with my mental outlook. Generally fatigued, low energy and easily made angry or upset. All of that is getting better. I am starting to see my joyful, playful side reemerging. I had almost forgot that it was there. My smile is demonstrated in a bigger and more frequent manner. I am not so easily upset. My energy is improving and my life is simply better. With the 30 day QuickStart, the support of Terry L. Wahls andLeanne Ely has made it easier to be compliant.

Wahls Warrior Patty – 30 Day QuickStart Level 1

I joined 30 day QuickStart and began my journey 3 weeks ago. WOW….I am astounded at the increase in my energy level (haven’t felt this energized in 10 years) and weight loss too…8lbs thus far (a fabulous secondary benefit). The support of my Facebook family and Leanne Ely’s delicious recipes make adhering to the program a joy….what an amazing, compassionate group. Dr. Terry L. Wahls’s holistic approach to us humans is the most important to me….she lives by example and makes me know without a doubt that I am achieving optimal physical, emotional and spiritual health.

Wahls Warrior Sandee – 30 Day QuickStart Level 1


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