Sweet and Savory Carrot Soup

Sweet and Savory Carrot Soup I have made substitutions to make the recipe more consistent with what I would do. Ingredients 1 diced cooking onion minced garlic 4 to 5 peeled, extra large carrots, [...]

Hibiscus Tea – Mukwa Juice

I have excerpted the following from with permission from Minding My Mitochondria: How I Overcame Secondary Progressive MS And Got Out Of My Wheelchair 2nd Edition. Hibiscus tea is a great source [...]

Green Tea Pot Roast

Grass-fed meat will be more tender and the nutrition will be more available to your body. If you have difficulty finding loose green tea, you can try an organic food store or search the Internet. [...]

Radish Beef Soup

Radish Beef Soup Ingredients 1 pint rich beef bone stock, warmed, ¼ cup will be reserved 1 bunch radish greens, rinsed, then soaked in water to remove debris 5 radishes, slices from 1 reserved [...]

Forum Testimonial by J.D.J.

by J.D.J. “I reported a few months ago that my MS symptoms had not changed much, but my digestion had greatly improved.  Now at about the nine-month mark my digestion is still much better [...]

Forum Testimonial by N.E.

by N.E. “I don’t have MS, but I have had seven years of mysterious health problems that I always felt were connected but that I couldn’t find successful treatment for: frequent [...]

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