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Wahls Warrior Patty:

I am totally grateful for Terry L. Wahls and Leanne Ely for this group. I have not been even close to keeping pace with all of the great recipes but I have stuck to the protocol by fixing the recipes I have tried on a repeat basis. I am doing my best to cont to make new recipes. As I am doing this protocol, my pain is getting less and less. I know that I dont have as severe pain as some but I would find that after just 10 or 15 minutes of sitting, as I stood, I would have a difficult time standing straight and I would really be limping pretty badly. I always did my best to hide it. I also have been to the point where I am in some level of pain almost all the time. I am not completely free of pain but it is moving the right way on a steady basis. I have not been a happy person for a really long time. Now I find that my mind is clearing, my emotions are calming and I am regaining an aspect of my personality in terms of being fun loving that I had almost forgotten about. All of this is slowly improving. As I drove home this evening, I was thinking that maybe it is time that I had someone else do some of the mowing, weed eating and etc. Maybe then I would have more time to cook and have free time for me. I feel that as I regain me, I am also showing my true giving nature and not the pain filled suck in and withdraw self. I am so sorry that anyone has to suffer with MS and I do not know how Terry Wahls has been able to take her pain and suffering into the level that she has done. As I work now, I am thinking that my purpose may be to follow this protocol and start to be an example as others see a healthier and happier me. Maybe for now, that is enough. I am also so grateful for all of you in this group. You absolutely are my inspiration.

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