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The ancestral human lived outdoors. Each day we experienced the natural full-spectrum light and heat of the Sun. Only recently have we shifted to spending our waking lives indoors, depriving our bodies of a vital nutrient and the forgotten cornerstone for achieving optimal health: full spectrum incandescent light and heat.

Some parts of the sun’s emissions like high-energy UV and blue light are damaging and mutagenic. However, our biology has developed brilliant mechanisms that harness the beneficial wavelengths, the red and Near Infrared in particular, to protect and repair ourselves from daily exposure to the sun’s harmful rays and from other environmental toxins.

Our cells have sophisticated biological systems to utilize light and heat for repair and detoxification. Almost all our cells have mitochondria which contain special light receptor proteins that uniquely absorb and harness the healing power of Red (600-700 nm) and Near Infrared (NIR) Light. And because the shorter wavelength NIR (700-1000 nm) isn’t absorbed by water (unlike Far Infrared), it is the only part of the sun’s emission spectrum that is able to penetrate deeply into every cell of our bodies and unlock powerful, full-body anti-aging and regeneration at the mitochondrial level.

The longer Near Infrared wavelengths (above 1150 nm), as well as Mid Infrared wavelengths, are increasingly absorbed by water. These comprise the Thermal Infrared band of the Sun’s rays that heat us by heating the water inside our bodies. Our cells have developed biological detoxification systems that are activated by heating the cell a few degrees for a few minutes. Forget juice cleanses and gimmicky detox protocols; passive sweating with heat remains the most effective means of detoxifying all our cells of ALL toxin types. Though there are many ways to heat ourselves up (sweat lodges, hot tubs, heating pads), the most efficient and comfortable way to heat biological tissue is with the Thermal Infrared wavelengths that only come from incandescent light sources.

The Sun is an incandescent light source. Incandescent light is created by heating a material to a hot enough temperature that it begins emitting full-spectrum light. Incandescent light bulbs were created using this principle, and they continue to be the only man-made technology that produces full-spectrum light like the sun. LEDs and fluorescents, on the other hand, emit monochromatic, primarily blue light wavelengths that wreak havoc on our biological systems. Unfortunately, in a push for energy efficiency, we intentionally removed the healing wavelengths from these modern light sources, and now we illuminate our homes and offices with high-power damaging blue wavelengths.

Blue light overexposure may cause macular degeneration, while throwing our circadian rhythms out of whack. Subtle flickering of LED and fluorescent can adversely affect brain function. At the same time, we’re undernourished when it comes to our dismal daily intake of NIR Light. Add our incredibly toxic modern world to the mix, and it’s no wonder all of us are suffering from some form of illness or suboptimal functioning.

Near Infrared Light is Nature’s fundamental nutrient, and we suffer without it. Most of us are inundated with a constant stream of blue, artificial light from morning to night. The harsh blue light emitted from newer LED and fluorescent bulbs is very unhealthy. We don’t sweat much, and the modern toxic world stresses us so much nowadays that we are stuck in the stressful “fight or fight” nervous state. Our cells and body are not geared correctly for detox is this stress state. Throw in some vigorous exercise, and we become even more stressed out; many of us are beyond stressed out and in what’s called “adrenal burn-out.”

Natural healing with light isn’t just safe and possible, it’s what we’re designed to do on a daily basis. Most of us just don’t have the right tools in our arsenal.

In 2012 SaunaSpace Founder Brian Richards was suffering from a host of toxin-related issues including insomnia, adrenal fatigue, brain fog, and acne. He began a tireless quest to find a holistic solution that didn’t involve pharmaceuticals. Eventually, he discovered the work of Dr. Lawrence Wilson, M.D.

Dr. Wilson is one of the pioneers in Near Infrared Sauna Therapy, and when Brian discovered his work he knew he wanted to try Near Infrared Sauna Therapy for himself. The problem was the lack of any Near Infrared Sauna on the market. So he made his own.

There are plenty of saunas around for sale. Why not just buy one of them? Well, not all saunas are created equally. A Near Infrared Sauna uses incandescent lamps not only to provide detoxifying heat, but full-body cellular healing and epigenetic re optimization from light.


Within days of using his DIY Sauna, Brian’s insomnia vanished, and within months so did the rest of his symptoms. Soon friends and family were requesting saunas for themselves, and eventually strangers began to inquire about getting their own NIR Sauna. What began as a personal search for natural healing transformed into a passion for helping others achieve their own optimal health potential. SaunaSpace was born. Now we have a growing team of passionate professionals designing and crafting our special products completely in-house at our Columbia, Missouri shop.

For years we have ignored our evolutionary precedent of using heat to detoxify and full-spectrum light to heal and reoptimize, and the consequences are dire. No matter how diligent you are with your diet or how careful you are with your lifestyle, you’re missing out on a crucial element of natural health if you’re not getting the right kind of light and heat every day. Most of us don’t have the luxury of spending enough of our time in the sun, but a Near Infrared Sauna brings the healing power of the sun into your home.

At SaunaSpace we use the right type of light technology, incandescent Near Infrared Lamps, in the right space. Every element of our signature Pocket Sauna is created to be hypoallergenic, safe, without off-gassing, very low EMF, easy-to-use, and portable. Each one is a truly beautiful space to sauna. Our design emphasizes access, so our Pocket Sauna is wheelchair accessible. Folks with severe neuropathies, heat sensitivity or other infirmities can use it with reduced duration sessions to start out. We provide thoughtful, completely custom design from top-to-bottom, so that your daily sauna experience is convenient and pleasing, session after session, year after year. And we guarantee it with free shipping in USA and our 100-day, risk-free trial and lifetime warranty worldwide.

With your very own SaunaSpace Pocket Sauna you instantly gain convenient access to the most powerful tool for protecting and healing yourself from our toxic world. Unlock your optimal health and reach your epigenetic potential, following Nature’s Design.

How are you going to get your Near Infrared Light every day?

Sauna Space is a 2017 Wahls Protocol Seminar Sponsor. Join us August 3-5th in Cedar Rapids see the Pocket Sauna for yourself.

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