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PDF Download: Top 9 Healthy Ways to Cook Fruit & Vegetables

You can find some tasty meal ideas in the recipes section of my website, and to get you started cooking healthy delicious meals right now, download my guide for ways to cook fruits and vegetables…


Reduce Toxic Load

Many studies have linked various environmental chemicals with a wide variety of health issues, like neurodegeneration, mood disorders, diabetes, chronic heart disease, and cancer.

Right-click the link below and select “Save link as…” to download a table that shows which toxins have been linked to various health issues.

Download this PDF Click here to download a chart from the Institute for Functional Medicine’s Detoxification Course

File – Toxins & Diseases Chart

Case Reports

Many physicians and treating physical therapists don’t realize there is a growing body of research that supports the use of e-stim to help people improve strength and endurance.

It may be helpful to show peer-reviewed publications to your treating therapist to justify giving you a test session. Right-click the links below and select “Save link as…” to download, print, and share these case reports with your personal doctor.

Download this PDF Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation and Dietary Interventions to Reduce Oxidative Stress in a Secondary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis Patient Leads to Marked Gains in Function – Download now

Download this PDF Rehabilitation with Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation Leads to Functional Gains in Ambulation in Patients with Secondary Progressive and Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis – Download now


Nutrition Information

Access all the nutrition information for the recipes in The Wahls Protocol by downloading the PDF below.

Download this PDF The Wahls Protocol Nutrition Information  – Download now



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