In Wahls Warriors

5.0 out of 5 stars Great Book For Anyone Suffering from the Modern “Genetic Epidemics”, March 21,


By Mrs. Ed (TX) – See all my reviews

“I don’t have MS, but my son and I are plagued with modern “Gentic” epidemic illnesses (including Celiacs, Crohn’s Autism, Food Allergies, etc). Our health has become drastically better on dietary changes, so I am fascinated by the biological reasons why food can make or destroy health. Dr. Wahls does a great service by explaining to us how food affects how our cells make energy for us. She takes energy production to the cellular level and does so in a very easy to understand way. While most of us believe in the “Eat Your Vegetables” advice, she takes this a step further by explaining which vegetables have nutrients for this and which for that, helping to ensure you eat from different vegetable groups daily. This was most helpful to me with meal planning. She includes many recipes. I wish I could use more of them. I was hoping they would all be grain-free but many use gf grains. Then the back part of  the book is useful tables, logs, easy to grasp diagrams, etc. I really enjoyed this book and I hope she continues to do more work like this.”

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