Drugs are not the answer. Let food, good, wholesome food, be thy medicine.  Dr. Terry Wahls


Mission Statement

The Wahls Foundation, Inc. is a nonprofit entity created May 11, 2011 whose mission is to advance the use of diet and lifestyle interventions by health care professionals, wellness coaches, and the public to replace the epidemic of chronic disease with an epidemic of health.

Partners Supporting Dr. Wahls’ research:

The Wahls Foundation has partnered with the University of Iowa to create THE WAHLS RESEARCH FUND. This fund is designated to support Dr. Wahls’ research and all funds raised will support the research in Dr. Wahls’ research lab.

The University of Iowa Foundation and the Wahls Research Fund

Many non-profits have very little oversight and high overhead costs, often spending less than half of the funds raised on their declared mission. The University of Iowa Foundation provides administrative oversight and support to the Wahls Research Fund – providing 95% of all donated monies to directly support research and education. When donating to the Wahls Research Fund through the University of Iowa Foundation, you receive a thank you note and receipt for tax purposes; Dr. Terry Wahls receives more funds to conduct her innovative research. You can be confident that your donation will be well-used, knowing that the fund is managed and monitored by professional staff who keep overhead costs at less than 5 percent.

How You Can Help

By Donating to U of I Foundation/Wahls Research Fund, You Will Help:

  • Educate more health care team members about the role of food in healing and health.
  • Raise awareness about the small role genetics play in acquiring MS and other chronic health problems – only 5% – and the large role environment plays. 95% of the risk for acquiring MS and other chronic health problems is related to what we eat, poisons in our food and water, excessive levels of stress, and the quality of our social and family connections.
  • Fund clinical trials that follow the impact of The Wahls Protocol

Having more full-time research staff will make it easier for Dr. Wahls to expand her work. More staff allows us to conduct more basic science studies, which will help to understand the mechanisms of why the interventions we use are so effective. Basic science studies cost $50,000; small feasibility and safety study costs $300,000; and research staff, dietitians, and post-doctoral scholars cost $50,000 to $85,000 per year, depending on their qualifications. All of these efforts cannot continue without your vital support. By donating, you become part of a team doing research that is changing lives and improving the future.


Founder:   $300,000   Covers the cost of conducting a small safety and feasibility study.
Platinum:   $50,000    Covers the cost of basic science pilot project.
Gold:   $20,000    Covers statistical support for one year.
Silver:   $350    Covers the cost of one subject for one week.
Bronze:   $50    Covers the cost of one subject for one day.

Whatever level of giving you can provide will help us ensure that Dr. Wahls can continue to study the impact of nutrition, meditation, massage, exercise, and electrical stimulation in the setting of progressive multiple sclerosis and other chronic health problems.

Donations to the Wahls Research Fund are accepted electronically or by check.

  • Please click If you wish to donate electronically:

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  • If you wish to donate by check, please make payable to: University of Iowa Foundation.
  • Include “The Wahls Research Fund” on the memo line. Please mail checks to:

University of Iowa Foundation
P.O. Box 4550
Iowa City, IA 52244 USA

About Dr. Wahls and Clinical Practice

I do not have a private practice to see patients. However, I have created a variety of programs to help people adopt and sustain the Wahls Protocol in their lives. I have given many public lectures to the lay public and health care professionals. You can purchase recordings of these as well as memberships, menus, video courses, and many more offerings, including a three-day Wahls Protocol Seminar, that will teach you what the Wahls Protocol is and how it can transform your health. That information can be found on the “Shop” page under the Courses and Programs tab.

I also encourage you to buy my book to learn more about my experience. I encourage you to discuss what you’ve learned, as well as your individual health concerns with your physician. By improving the environment for our cells through better nutrition, eliminating toxins, minimizing food sensitivities, and increasing exercise and stress-reducing activities, many people experience steady improvements in their health.

I hope all of this information will assist you in your journey toward optimal health and vitality.

In Health,
Dr. Terry Wahls

“Drugs are not the answer. Let food, good, wholesome food, be thy medicine.”

Dr. Terry Wahls