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Drugs are not the answer. Let food, good, wholesome food, be thy medicine.  Terry Wahls

Mission Statement

The Wahls Foundation, Inc. is a nonprofit entity created May 11, 2011 whose mission is to educate the public and health-care practitioners about the benefits of an integrative approach to optimal health for those with multiple sclerosis and other chronic disease issues, emphasizing adoption of health behaviors. This integrative approach includes intensive directed nutrition, exercise, neuromuscular electrical stimulation and other health promoting behaviors. The Wahls Foundation Inc. also supports clinical trials that test the benefits of this comprehensive integrative approach.

At the end of this calendar year, the first wave of participants will have finished their 12 months in the study. Although many are asking to continue in the study, we unfortunately do not have funds to keep following them. That means we are missing an opportunity to understand how much more improvement they might experience were they able to continue with the interventions for a longer period. Furthermore, having more data from our subjects would make for stronger grant applications to larger entities like the National MS Society and NIH.

How You Can Help

Research Assistants are a vital part of the research lab. Their salaries range from $50,000 to $85,000 a year or more, depending on their qualifications. Having more paid, full-time research assistants will make it easier for Dr. Wahls to expand her work. The cost of the next level of study is $275,000.

Whatever level of giving you can provide will help us ensure that Dr. Wahls can continue to study the impact of intensive nutrition, meditation, massage, exercise and electrical stimulation in the setting of progressive multiple sclerosis.

Founder: Covers the cost of conducting the clinical trial with 20 subjects. $275,000
Platinum: Covers the cost of one subject for one year. $13,750
Gold: Covers the cost of one subject for one month. $1,146
Silver: Covers the cost of one subject for one week. $265
Bronze: Covers the cost of one subject for one day. $38

Donate Now

By Donating to The Wahls Foundation You Will Help:
  • Educate more health care team members about the role of food in healing and health.
  • Raise awareness about the small role genetics play in acquiring MS – only 5% – and the large role environment plays – 95% of the risk for acquiring MS is related to what we eat, poisons in our food and water, excessive levels of stress and the quality of our social and family connections.
  • Fund clinical trials that follow the impact of The Wahls Protocol on multiple sclerosis symptoms.

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News Release

Nov. 14, 2011 | UI researchers develop innovative protocol of treatment for MS patients
University of Iowa researchers, using an innovative therapy involving intensive nutrition, progressive exercise, and neuromuscular stimulation, have observed evidence of improvement in patients with secondary progressive multiple sclerosis (SPMS).

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Published Articles

Read published works, scientific articles, and medical humanities essays written by Dr. Terry Wahls.

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Clinical Practice

We are conducting clinical trials, testing the interventions which I used to successfully restore my function. The first wave of subjects has completed the initial 12 months. We are writing up those results and submitting them for publication. The second wave is underway and will include MRI scans of the brain and more detailed laboratory assessments to understand the mechanisms of why people are improving. These data must be published in peer-reviewed scientific journals so that other physicians can begin to use these concepts in their clinics. It is hard to wait, but that is what is required if I hope to have our research respected enough to change clinical practice.

In the interim, I have written up my personal experience in my book MINDING MY MITOCHONDRIA. In addition, I have recorded many of the public lectures which I have given to the lay public and to other health care professionals. I encourage you to purchase the book and/or lectures to learn more about my experience and to discuss my experiences as well as your individual health concerns with your physician. By improving the environment for our cells through better nutrition, eliminating toxins, minimizing food sensitivities, and increasing exercise and stress-reducing activities, many people experience steady improvements in their health.

If your primary care doctor or neurology physician cannot help you, I suggest you look for a health care practitioner who has been trained in functional medicine or ancestral health. No physicians in practice will be familiar with our study protocol yet since our articles have not been published in the scientific literature, but a functional medicine—trained health care practitioner is more likely to consider the many environmental factors that contribute to disease severity and to be able to design a program specific to you. To find a health care practitioner who is more likely to help you address the environmental factors, check the Institute for Functional Medicine find a provider link. Alternatively you can look for other integrative medicine health care practitioners such as naturopathic doctors, chiropractors, nutritionists and allopathic physicians who have experience addressing food sensitivities, leaky gut, toxin load, hormone imbalance, chronic infections and psychosocial disturbances in a more holistic manner.

My clinical practice at the Iowa City Veteran Affairs Health Care System is limited to traumatic brain injury. As of March 2013, we do not have a clinical trial that is enrolling subjects. I am not able to see patients privately nor am I able to provide guidance beyond what is in my books and lectures. The Wahls Protocol, due out May 2014 will cover how and why my protocol has evolved since 2007 when I began my journey back to health.

I hope all of this information will assist you to your journey toward optimal health and vitality.

In Health,
Dr. Terry Wahls