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Dr. Terry Wahls used functional medicine to bring herself back from debilitating Multiple Sclerosis.

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She will discuss her own health journey and how she reclaimed her health with the support of friends, family and the community she created around her.

She has invited other Wahls Warriors like Tony Ferro and Dr. Ronald Girard to share how they had to reconfigure their lives–their diets, communities, self-care routines to be able to improve their health.

If you or someone in your family is struggling with a diagnosis– if you and your family are struggling with making the changes in your life that will help lift symptoms– then I encourage you to join this live webinar on June 25th at 7:00 PM CST.

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Webinar Guests: Wahls Warriors™

Wahls Warrior Tony Ferro

Tony Ferro, NTP

Tony is a Wahls Certified Health Professional and is the founder of the ChangeMS non-profit organization

Kate Wolovsky

Kate is a Wahls Certified Health Professional and will be speaking at the Wahls Protocol Seminar with her husband Aaron. Read their bio by clicking here.

Wahls Warrior Ron Girard

Dr. Ron Girard, DDS

Dr. G is a Wahls Certified Health Professional. You can learn more about his mission here.

Wahls Warrior Annette

Annette Reed

Annette is a Wahls Warrior and driving force behind The Wahls Protocol Seminar and Retreat.

Dr. Wahls and Her Hero's Journey

Dr. Wahls is a clinical professor of medicine at the University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine and conducts clinical research with a deep background in peer-reviewed published papers. This is her timeline to health.


She had her first episode of dim vision and heat intolerance.


She began having her first MS-related symptoms, episodes of facial pain.


Pain episodes became more frequent and more resistant to treatment.


She was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.


She transitioned to secondary progressive multiple sclerosis. She underwent chemotherapy to slow the disease and began using a tilt-recline wheelchair.


She extensively researched nutrients important to brain health and started taking them as supplements. The steepness of decline in her health slowed, but she was still declining.


Her torso was so weak she could not sit in a regular chair. She also started experiencing brain fog.

Summer 2007:

Dr. Wahls discovered The Institute for Functional Medicine, an organization devoted to leveraging the latest scientific discoveries to better care for those with chronic disease. Based on their research, she added to her list of vitamins and supplements. She learned about neuromuscular electrical stimulation and added that to her routine.

December 2007:

Dr. Wahls created the Wahls Protocol®, which gave her the nutrients she needed from foods rather than supplements.

April 2008:

Her brain fog resolved.

October 2008:

She was able to walk without a cane and even complete an 18-mile bicycle tour.


Her heat intolerance was resolved and she was able to enjoy a daily sauna again.


She began her first clinical trial, testing her protocol in others with progressive MS.


She was able to jog again. The first Wahls Protocol® Seminar is held.


The first publications of her research published.


NMSS clinical trial begins.


Enrollment will be completed.


Analysis of study data will begin.

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