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I am featuring a guest post from Wahls Health Practitioner, Alene Brennan:

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” 

– Anaïs Nin

This is one of my favorite quotes. 

It resonates so well with me because sometimes I wait a painfully long time before I’m willing to make a change – even when I know that change will benefit me. Then when I look back, I realize that delaying the change was more painful than the change itself. 

And more importantly, the reward on the other side of change was 100% worth it.

As a Wahls certified Health Practitioner, I see this a lot in my nutrition coaching practice as well. 

Clients like the idea of following the Protocol, but the act of getting started feels overwhelming.

It is a big change. You’re changing what you’re eating – which means you’re changing how you shop, what you stock in your kitchen, how you cook, etc. 

But with a worldwide community of fellow Wahls Warriors finding freedom from their symptoms through the Protocol, I know it’s worth it. I know my clients will be so grateful they made the change as they experience a new level of health that they never imagined possible. 

To help eliminate this overwhelm and get them to the other side, I suggested my clients take a “Wahls Warrior Staycation.”  

Wahls Warrior Staycation

It’s a weekend that you dedicate to becoming a Wahls Warrior. I encourage them to clear their calendar as if they were going away to a retreat. You’re going all in on this weekend to become a Wahls Warrior. 

I created an itinerary for them that walks them through exactly what to do every step of the way.  

Friday: Mindset Reset

We kick off the weekend with getting in the right mindset to become a Wahls Warrior™. Our minds are an incredibly powerful tool – especially in our healing journey. So, we practice developing the resiliency that will support us in rising above our circumstances and living a purposeful, meaning-filled life. 

Saturday: Kitchen Conversion 

Our first full day of our staycation is giving our kitchen a makeover. We ditch the foods that no longer serve us and learn the foods that we need to stock up on to create our own healing kitchen. 

Sunday: Meal Prep Mastery 

Our final day of our staycation we pull it all together by boosting our confidence in the kitchen with understanding the power of meal prep. And of course, there’s a time for rest and celebration at the end as well.

In honor of MS Awareness Month, I’m happy to share this Wahls Warrior in a Weekend guide with the entire Wahls Community. We are stronger together!

Download your Wahls Warrior Staycation guide today.

Open your calendar and schedule your Wahls Warrior Staycation. 

Then put the guide into action and become the newest Wahls Warrior™!

About  Alene:

Beyond food, Alene empowers individuals with the use of doTERRA essential oils to help manage physical symptoms, emotional wellbeing and reduce the toxic load in their home. Essential oils are a natural extension of the food is medicine approach – or as Alene says, “Less Pharm, More Table.”

Alene holds four certifications: Nutrition Coach, Natural Food Chef, Yoga Instructor and Personal Trainer and two specialty certifications in the Wahls Protocol and the Autoimmune Protocol. In addition to these certifications, she has great insight in the food and healthcare industry having lead a 12-year corporate career working for Fortune 500 Companies such as Campbell Soup and Aramark and Virtua. 

She has been featured in USA Today, Philadelphia Inquirer, Mind Body Green and on Fox News. 

To learn more and receive free resources, visit her website at and follow her on Instagram @abrenn.

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