In Wahls Warriors

I’ve been ill the past 7 years with severe fatigue and limited mobility issues, and I’ve been going to PT and OT for the past 7 years.

There’s been a radical shift since starting the Wahls Diet. First, my energy level started returning, then I noticed I could hike, and hike uphill… an impossibility before. No one knew exactly why I had difficulty walking and moving my arms, legs and torso. Well, last night, after being on the Wahls Protocol, I started to dance… I mean really dance by really moving my body. This hasn’t happened in 7 years. I’m very happy that this is such a beautiful, natural way to get well, and [I’m] curious to see how I progress staying on the diet. I’ve been on the Paleo Plus since the beginning since that’s what was most like my eating [habits].

Thanks Dr. Wahls and all of your team.

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