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Wahls Warrior Kristi:


This journey has been amazing! I found Dr. Wahls’ TED Talk a couple months ago. Her book made everything finally make sense. I have never been diagnosed with MS but have been suffering for many years from tremors, fluttering eyelids, and diabetes. I abused my body for many decades, gaining and losing and gaining hundreds of pounds. Food addition, bulimia, all of that. Did raw food on and off, juice feasting (made me feel worse and killed my thyroid), Bulletproof Intermittent Fasting (felt great but in hindsight my adrenals were too trashed to take his protocol)…blah blah blah…following Dr. Wahls, this is the FIRST time I have felt like I could do this for the rest of my life! With the comprehensive information in The Wahls Protocol and the gorgeous recipes in the book and the 30-day Quickstart, I finally feel vast improvement in my symptoms, particularly with neck pain (from horseback riding falls and a car accident) and a frozen shoulder, and in general well-being and increased energy. I am eternally grateful for the tools given by Dr. Terry L. Wahls and Leanne Ely and for the wonderful support of all the people in the FB group – thank you!

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