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Wahls Warrior Carol:

I’ve been hesitant to post to this thread because I have at least one confounding variable at play right now (i.e., I also have biotin illness and the necessary mold remediation for that started in my house this week; so, despite precautions, many of my autoimmune symptoms are much worse at the moment because of the released mold). But I am grateful for this program and the opportunities it presents, which have included nourishment not only for the body but for mind and heart, thanks to everyone involved. And even where the body is concerned, I literally can feel my starving cells being nourished in a way they never have, even though I’ve been on many health diets over the years that, thankfully, have tuned me into local and organic foods and helped in many ways. So, I hope to have more progress to report in time but this much now, as a mark of my gratitude and wish to play my part, in case it has a place.

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