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[I] was [diagnosed] in mid-March with Sjogren’s Syndrome. I had profound fatigue (gave up all activities except part-time work which wore me out every day), brain fog and chronic headaches – every day – (to the point where I thought I had dementia), have difficulty seeing due to blurriness from dry eye syndrome (had cautery on my tear ducts to keep the moisture in), profound tinnitus, louder than most other sounds in the room. No money for hearing aides…yet.
[I] started on the Wahls Paleo Plus in ernest on April 1st. I am no longer profoundly fatigued, my brain does not hurt, the fog is clearing, I actually have energy and have started to incorporate activities back into my life. I am so grateful and relieved as to the changes in my life, just by changing my food.
I no longer eat dairy, wheat or any products containing wheat, no longer eat sugar, flour, grains of any kind. I no longer eat nightshades nor do I eat root vegetables, just for now. I may add them back in but not yet.
I had cholesterol levels drawn the beginning of June and all of them are lower except the good cholesterol which was higher. I have another appt. to recheck the middle of August.
I still have to add supplements. I am using some, but I need to add more.
I eat three meals a day. Smoothie for breakfast. Protein and vegetables for lunch and dinner and berries with dinner. My body is changing but I didn’t have any weight to lose.  I am “youthening.” This is the best meal plan ever! I am satiated, never hungry, and feel energized.
Thank you for your story Dr. Wahls and thank you for your vision and leadership.
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  • Judi Hapke

    I am seeking information from anyone with ALS that has used the Wahl’s protocol to share experience.

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