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Read this impressive Wahls Warrior™ success story submitted by Wahls Protocol® Health Practitioner, Katalin Kokavecz. To learn more about Katalin and her practice, visit her directory page linked here.

How was your health before starting the protocol?

Anita: It was around 2013 or 2014 when I first felt a tingling sensation running down my left side, from my head to my toes, sometimes a few times a minute. When I turned around, I lost my balance. At the time, nobody thought these symptoms had a neurological cause.

In 2016, I had a neurological examination of a paralysed optic nerve, and was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis . Every summer I had problems with my vision. Every six months MRI scans revealed more and more lesions, showing that the illness was progressive.

Meanwhile, I had many other symptoms too. Chronic fatigue, lethargy, severe period pain, night sweats, poor sleep, persistent rashes, blocked or runny nose, and anxiety. This is when I found your program.

What made you decide to start?

Anita: One of my friends had lent me a recipe book for the Autoimmune Protocol, and that was where I first found the name of Dr. Terry Wahls. I looked her up on the Internet and was surprised to find out that she had suffered from the same illness as I did but was able to almost miraculously turn it around. I immediately felt that this was the road I would have to follow. I eventually found you and your program, and I remember how you told us in the introductory course that 85% of the factors responsible for autoimmune conditions are purely environmental, and genetics makes up only 15%.

This convinced me that I was going to be able to follow your program, treat my illness and turn my life around. I tried it, and I did it!

How did your life change?

Anita: At the start, I thought I would have to integrate other principles to achieve results, but I soon found out that the protocol is complete as it is, and I could trust your guidance and the process itself. I did everything that you taught me, just as you had been taught.

The program targets multiple areas of our lives, all of which I have changed. I pay attention to my diet (cutting out processed or fast foods), monitor the quality and quantity of my sleep, exercise daily, manage stress, and choose the specific supplements that I need.

As a child, I used to be a competitive gymnast. I could perform dizzying routines and somersaults. After my diagnosis, my prospects were bleak –eventually I might not be able to perform the most basic bodily functions. This couldn’t happen. Persistence, discipline, struggle: everything I had learned as an athlete helped me to keep up with the program.

What is your message to other people?

Anita: Everything I have learned during the program will have tremendous, lasting value. Our basic biological functions are not about to change; our bodies will always need good quality food and sleep, and they will always be prone to stress. This protocol helps you discover how to optimize the healthy functioning of your body.

Start your own success story!

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