Tammy Frank

    Holistic Health Coach
    Health Coaches are advisors who try to fill the gap that doctors and other health practitioners often times don’t have the time to fill. I can dive deeper into your health issues by addressing not only the food you eat, also look at all that surrounds you and how it can impact your health: your career, family, friends, spirituality, etc. I was amazed to discover how making positive shifts in other areas of my life improved my overall health greatly. I am here to support and guide you toward your health and wellness goals. While working with me, you can make sustainable lifestyle changes. As your coach, I’ll be prepared to listen carefully and help you navigate the world of health, nutrition, and mindset.
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    Registered Nurse


    Cedar Rapids




    United States


    Autoimmune Disease

    Chronic Disease

    Digestive disorders


    Health Coaching

    Lifestyle Medicine

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