Shannon Lea Pickering (Brown), M.S. Psychology
    Positive Psychology & Health Restoration Coach
    Certified by Wahls, Bulletproof, Gallup, Strengths Strategy, The Human Potential Institute and Irlen.

    My life has truly been a journey. Coaching is my third and final profession, the career where my talents and passion collide. I bring 20 years of clinical and corporate experience to coaching from my two previous careers, first as practicing psychologist/career counselor/ adjunct professor of psychology and second as a sales professional/national trainer/manager at a Global Fortune 500 company.

    I was very successful AND by the time I was 44, I had been diagnosed with 7 autoimmune diseases including systemic lupus. By 2014 I was disabled, lupus was attacking my heart and lungs and DNA and I was facing a lifetime of chemo and steroids to stop its relentless progress. What I discovered the hard way is that if you don’t take care of your mind and body and soul, your body will shut you down for maintenance. And by 2014, my body was trying to shut me down permanently. Well, I accepted the call to heal and I am happy to say that I am now free of autoimmune disease and living my purpose. I don’t even have autoimmune antibodies, which is truly a miracle. I’m proud to be featured in the newest edition of The Wahls Protocol as a Wahls Warrior Success!

    My passion and purpose is to now help others achieve holistic wellness so that they are free to pursue their passion and their purpose – because the world craves each of our unique contributions.


    Foundations of Health
    Diet and Lifestyle Behavior Change
    Healing Mentality and Overcoming Fear
    Hope and Health Restoration
    Positive Psychology
    Environmental Detox
    Pantry Stocking, Shopping, Meal Planning
    Holistic Wellbeing
    Sleep Hygiene
    Movement Programs
    Elimination Diets
    Stress Management


    Positive Psychology & Health Restoration Coach








    United States


    Autoimmune Disease

    Behavior change



    Stress-related Conditions


    Health Coaching

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