Renny Letswalo

    Renny Letswalo is a Wahls Protocol® Health Practitioner, a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach, and a Recode 2.0 Certified Health Coach.

    Renny empowers people to explore therapeutic lifestyle changes to help heal their experienced dis-ease. Working in collaboration with a physician, she supports participants to make the necessary, dietary and lifestyle strategies to address the root cause of illness. She has experience with helping clients with Diabetes, Dementia/Alzheimer’s, Cancer and Multiple Sclerosis. Renny employs practical techniques and skills to help people assess their health status; she collaborates with them to develop their health plan and supports them in implementing their plan to achieve better health and manage any dis-ease. Renny encourages people to search within themselves for the resilience and resources that she knows exists within them to heal.

    Renny meets each participant where they are at, to help them walk the journey of healing and health. Whether it is about providing shopping lists, recipes, education on monitoring health vitals (oxygen saturation, glucose, and ketones) or helping structure physical or brain exercise programs—she is ready to assist. She designs her services based on participant needs and gaps that she see exist in the participant adhering to their healing protocol. Every participant is different, as are their needs, and she bridges the gap.

    Renny is available to work in-person (South Africa only), and via telemedicine (anywhere in the world).


    Health Coach






    South Africa


    Autoimmune Disease


    Cardiovascular disorders

    Chronic Disease



    Health Coaching

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