Rebecca Van der Merwe

    Neuroceptive Learning GmbH

    Polarity therapist and Somatic Leadership Coach, using Solution Focus Therapy, Ontological Coaching, Psychosynthesis, Systemic Coaching and Somatic Experience.  I am well versed in the Polyvagal Theory, early childhood reflexes, and sensory integrating to optimise the functioning of the nervous system.   My main aim is to assist my clients with their core-, co-, and self-regulation. My target audience is the population with faulty neuroproception.  Stephen Porges, coined the phrase Nueroception as our unconscious perception of safety, which activates our nervous system in either a survival or thriving mode, affecting both our physiology- our body’s core regulation (homeostasis) and our psychological behavioural response. Impaired and suboptimal Neuroception often occurs in the population on the Autistic spectrum, with ADHD, Anxiety conditions, with stress related illnesses, burn-out and chronically ill conditions such as fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and pain etc.

    Services offered to optimise Neuroception include: Feldenkrais, Sensory Learning Program (Auditory, Vision Vestibular and Proprioception integration),  Institute of Neuro Physiology Pychology (INPP) method of Neuromotormaturity, Reflex Integration and Blomberg Rhythmic Movement Training.

    My own recovery from Fibromyalgia led to my transition from business executive to complementary Polarity Therapist and Somatic Coach.  Dr. Wahl’s protocol played an instrumental role in my own recovery.


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