Maria Indermühle
    Nutritional Therapist
    Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach
    Functional Medicine Practitioner
    Wahls Protocol Health Practitioner
    Born in the Highlands of Scotland and now living in the Swiss Alps, I`m Maria Indermühle & I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2012.
    My health deteriorated rapidly, leaving me unable to walk. I had no feeling from my chin down & my husband was spoon-feeding me. I lost sight in my right eye and I was unable to think.
    I discovered the phenomenal story & work of Dr. Terry Wahls, which inspired me no end & I vowed to myself when I couldn`t even walk that my health would improve and  “when I get better, I will go on and help other people diagnosed with MS”.
    I can`t tell you how much it means to me to be joining the highly inspiring Dr Wahls and her tribe of Wahls Protocol Health Practitioners in creating an epidemic of health.
    I strongly believe that Health begins with Hope and hope there most definitely is. I have personally proved the power of food and the power of the Wahls Protocol®.
    There was a time when I had lost all function of my body with MS, but today, I`m walking up the Swiss Alps. Life is very different.
    I`m very grateful for the turbulence of my own health, which now enables me to empathize and relate to others going through similar health challenges.
    It will be an immense pleasure to accompany you on this journey to change the trajectory of disease using the Wahls Protocol®.
    You can do this and you don`t have to do it alone. x


    Functional Medicine Health Coach






    Autoimmune Disease

    Behavior change

    Chronic Disease

    Mercury and Heavy Metal Toxicity

    Multiple Sclerosis


    Functional Medicine

    Functional Medicine Health Coach

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