Kevin Arnold
    Functional Medicine Health Coach, Certified Wahls Health Practitioner, 200-Hour RYT Yoga Teacher
    After suffering with MS for years, I was fortunate enough to discover the power of Functional Medicine.  I became a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach (FMCHC) in 2022.  As a student of FMCA, I learned the power of Motivational Interviewing, Positive Phycology, and the tools and language of Functional Medicine.
    My life experience of managing my MS with diet and lifestyle modifications, my education in Functional Medicine, and becoming a Certified Wahls Protocol Health Practitioner has greatly assisted me in helping my clients adapt their lifestyles to adhere to a protocol that’s best suited for their biology and lifestyle.
    Here at “The Source,” we understand what works for one client may not work for the other.   Each of our clients has their own unique bio-individuality.  We know that “Every Body is Different” and assist our clients by co-creating goals with a client-centered and personalized healthcare approach.  Our goal is to help our clients achieve their optimal vision of health and wellness.


    Functional Medicine Health Coach


    (505) 818-1386




    New Mexico


    United States


    Autoimmune Disease

    Behavior change

    Chronic Disease


    Gluten Sensitivity

    Multiple Sclerosis

    Weight or Metabolism concerns


    Functional Nutrition

    Health Coaching

    Lifestyle Medicine

    Mind-body work

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