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    Services: Coaching for Gluten-free and autoimmune disorders/Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis with EndoMet and Analytical Research Labs/Heavy Metals & Environmental Toxins/Allergies & Food Sensitivities/ Blood & Stool Testing with Vibrant America Laboratorie. Most recent live mentorships with Lawrence Wilson, MD and TomO’Bryan DC


    My name is Amahl B. Van Halsema, but you can call me VAN. I have been a certified holistic health coach and therapeutic Pilates* teacher for 36 years.

    I became certified with Lawrence Wilson, MD to teach the science of Nutritional Balancing because I found it to be the best and most comprehensive nutrition and supplement program on the market. It was developed by doctors and researchers for people from all walks of life. Going through the program as a patient convinced me to become a certified NB practitioner.

    I also became a Certified Gluten-Free Practitioner (CGP) through the certification courses of Dr. Tom O’Bryan. Now I can teach and offer the newest research and testing concerning all wheat and gluten disorders. Wheat and gluten can cause as many as 300 autoimmune diseases!

    I lived a disciplined life. Organic food only since 1985, with holistic studies, body movement, fasts, regimens, and detoxes from top doctors/gurus around the world. I grew up traveling in many countries and experienced high fevers, diarrhea, parasites, typhoid, and a severe spinal infection all before becoming physically disabled in three car accidents. As a result of the third car accident, I was diagnosed with an incurable neurological disease and 3 autoimmune diseases. I had little left of a functioning body.

    I tried every conventional drug, therapy, surgery, and treatment available to heal. After a very long personal journey, including 109 visits to the operating room and 12 years of drug cocktails including daily morphine and benzos, I found NB. Doing the NB program brought stability slowly back to my body. And adding in the gluten-autoimmune adaptations that I later learned as a certified gluten practitioner (CGP) gave me a functioning body that far surpassed my healing hopes and expectations!
    I’m grateful to say that I’m okay now and with the blend of personal experience and advanced education, I love being a catalyst in helping others to heal.


    Functional Medicine Health Coach


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    Autoimmune Disease

    Gluten Sensitivity

    Mercury and Heavy Metal Toxicity


    Functional Medicine

    Functional Medicine Health Coach

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