Beth Schultz

Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Certified Gluten Practitioner, Wahls Health Professional Beth has a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis and Lyme disease, she uses the Wahls protocol herself to live [...]

Renee Turula

” A Votre’ Sante ”  To Your Health Registered Nurse, Hair, Tissue, Mineral Analysis Consultant ( Trace Elements), Essential Oils Consultant (Do’ Terra) website: [...]

Dr. Will Cole

D.C., Functional Medicine Practitioner We see patients around the world via webcam and phone consultations and locally in Pittsburgh, PA. Named Top 50 Functional Medicine & Integrative Doctor [...]

Dr. Kristen Ude D.C.

Integrated Chiropractic Wellness, PLLC, D.C. Certified Clinical Nutritionist by CCN I help facilitate healing through gentle chiropractic, neuro-emotional technique, and asking good questions of [...]

Olivia Bingaman

Vital Healing Functional Medicine Autoimmune disease and especially multiple sclerosis is prevalent in my family. Both my mother and sister have been diagnosed with MS and have successfully [...]

Janet Mertens

igniteBEing Hi there, I’m janet, 25+years diagnosed with MS and the creator & lifestyle innovator of igniteBEing & the iBE Lifestyle Lab.  Working with me you’ll discover tools and [...]

Tami Giles-Fraser

Certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP) Tami is a survivor of multiple autoimmune disorders, including a Parkinson’s-like disorder, and Atypical MS. She has experience helping [...]

Dr. Rebecca Dirks

Board Certified in Naturopathic Medicine Northwest Center for Optimal Health NCOH is a naturopathic family practice. We provide patients and their families safe, effective care using physicians [...]

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