Surviving and Thriving After a Multiple Sclerosis Diagnosis

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Iowa Public Radio interviews Dr. Wahls about how she is surviving and thriving after her multiple sclerosis diagnosis. Dr. Wahls explains how she first noticed her symptoms in medical school, beginning with visual dimming, which became more severe over time. After multiple exams and misdiagnoses, she was told she had MS and was put on immune suppression drugs. Dr. Wahls talks about how she began reading research on autoimmune disease and found mitochondrial health to be a common thread in all brain disorders. In all cases, cell biochemistry was broken and mitochondria were sending “time to die” signals too early.

Dr. Wahls explains her nutritional journey from beginning a Paleo diet to reintroducing meat to her meals and eventually eliminating grains, dairy, and legumes. Then she discovered functional medicine and increased the list of nutrients necessary to maximize her health. Today she is a proponent of getting the nutrients we need from the foods we eat.

Dr. Wahls also discusses her new book, The Wahls Protocol, and her current research. She explains that the book is written for anyone, not just those with MS, and can be implemented by anyone wanting to make better diet and lifestyle choices. Recently, Dr. Wahls published a paper that shows how the diet and lifestyle changes in her studies have had positive effects on the clinical trial participants, especially in lowering fatigue levels.

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