saunaspace incandescent therapy

Near infrared photobiomodulation, heating detoxification, protection from EMF Stress

SaunaSpace products have been designed from the ground up for the ultimate near infrared sauna therapy experience.

Sleek, minimalist design. Safe, comfortable, beautiful.

Use your light panel stand-alone, in the shower, or in your sauna to bring the power of Near Infrared Therapy with you anywhere.

Light guards ensure a safe user experience by never getting too hot.

Panel clamps allow easy height adjustment, so you can customize your sauna to your exact needs.

Picture of Dr. Terry Wahls

Note From Dr. Wahls:

Saunaspace’s is part of my daily self-care routine. I use my time in the sauna for voice training, reading reserach, and meditation to keep my mind and my mitochondria happy.

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