SaunaSpace® Incandescent Therapy


Sleek, minimalist design. Safe, comfortable, beautiful.
SaunaSpace® products are designed from the ground up for the ultimate near infrared sauna therapy experience.
The Luminati™ and Faraday™ are turnkey full body options that are easy to setup.
You can purchase the Tungsten™ Panel alone for use in your existing Sauna.
The  Photon™ Panel is made to for targeted use and sized for travel, bring the power of NIr therapy with you anywhere!
The unique light guards and wiring practices, standard on all panels, ensure a safe user experience by protecting you from burn risk and EMF stress.
The panel in the sauna is fully height adjustment for users of all sizes!
Picture of Dr. Terry Wahls

Note From Dr. Wahls:

Saunaspace is part of my daily self-care routine. I use my time in the sauna for voice training, reading reserach, and meditation to keep my mind and my mitochondria happy.

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