The Neufit System

A neurological approach for faster healing and high performance

Neubie: The Ultimate in Neuromuscular Re-education

NEUBIE is NeuFit’s patented electrical stimulation device. It is an acronym for “NEURO-BIO-ELECTRIC STIMULATOR,” and is FDA-cleared.* When the NEUBIE is combined with NeuFit protocols, the system provides for new methods of Neuromuscular Re-education.

As we all know, the nervous system controls every muscle movement. If a movement dysfunction is contributing to your pain, keeping you injured, limiting your mobility, or robbing you of performance, then the NeuFit System may be able to help you.

Picture of Dr. Terry Wahls

Note From Dr. Wahls:

“Electrical stimulation of muscles is a powerful technique to rebuild muscle mass and strength. It is also  helpful for reducing the harm of inactivity which is critical for those who are disabled by their illness. I consider NeuFit and their trained professionals to be the very best at utilizing electrical stimulation and exercise to rehabilitate those who have had a traumatic spinal cord injury, stroke or multiple sclerosis (or other neuromuscular disease). They are my preferred professional team with whom to work!”

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