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Wahls Research Studies—

NEW Recruiting Opportunity!

We are recruiting patients who have been newly diagnosed with either Relapsing-Remitting Multiple Sclerosis or Clinically Isolated Syndrome for a new clinical trial. 

No in-person visits will be required.

For more information about the study refer to our study flier at https://wahls.lab.uiowa.edu/join-study

or email MSDietStudy@healthcare.uiowa.edu

Complete the patient screening survey at this link to see if you qualify https://redcap.icts.uiowa.edu/redcap/surveys/?s=AHHCNKWDYH

Download Health Behaviors Flier

Download Standard of Care Observation Recruitment Flyer

Other Studies—

The links the Dietary Approaches to Treating MS Related Fatigue: http://www.nationalmssociety.org/About-the-Society/News/National-MS-Society-and-University-of-Iowa-Launch
Clinical trial email contact: MSDietStudy@healthcare.uiowa.edu

Two studies in Bastyr University that are asking patients with MS or Parkinson’s disease about whether they are following the Wahls diet.  These studies are based upon surveys that are completed every 6 months and do not require visits to the study site.

Wahls Protocol® Health Professional Certification—

Attract Ideal Clients And Empower Your Patients With A Proven Autoimmune Intervention

Join the doctor, researcher, and sufferer of MS, Dr. Terry Wahls, as she teaches you how to use a robust, multi-modal approach to transform health behaviors in the autoimmune patient.

This self-paced course is 100% virtual with one live, interactive case-study hosted by Dr. Wahls.

After passing the exam you will be part of a community of healers dedicated to creating an epidemic of health.

For current term information and pricing visit terrywahls.com/certification

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