Neuroinflammation Spectrum

Regain your health from Multiple Sclerosis and Other Autoimmune Issues Attacking Your Brain

Millions of Americans suffer from symptoms of neuroinflammation.

They might have multiple sclerosis, clinically isolated syndrome, or optic neuritis, or perhaps are affected by other serious autoimmune diseases, like Celiac, Systemic Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis, or Inflammatory Bowel Disease. Symptoms may include fatigue, problems with balance and coordination, numbness, and muscular weakness. These symptoms can go on for years, sometimes decades, slowly worsening and wearing us down.

These symptoms are caused by immune cells attacking brain cells and the insulation on the wiring between brain cells, as well as other parts of the body. Your medical team may have emphasized to you that your immune cells must be turned off to stop attacking your brain. They may be pushing you hard to take potent and very expensive disease-modifying drugs to prevent future disability.

But did your medical team tell you that your immune cells are also responsible for repairing the damage to your brain and spinal cord?

Has your medical team talked to you about the environmental factors that science is linking to the development of multiple sclerosis and what you can do to create a more healing environment for your brain and spinal cord?

Did they mention that autoimmunity is a spectrum ranging from mild immune dysfunction to progressively more severe dysfunction to early disease to multiple diseases, and finally to progressively severe disability?

If you aren’t aware of these facts, there is much more for you to learn.

Neuroinflammation Spectrum

Early Immune Dysfunction

Brain Skull

The Prodromal State – Before Symptoms

For years and sometimes decades leading up to the development of multiple sclerosis, clinically isolated syndrome, or optic neuritis, there is a war raging in your brain and spinal cord.

One part of your immune cells is attacking brain and spinal cord cells.

Another part of your immune cells is working to repair the damage caused by these attacks.

This civil war is the early prodromal state. It may go on for several years and has the potential be reversed.

During this time, you may recognize that you don’t feel well, but your physicians find nothing wrong and give you no direction on what to do.

Early Symptoms of Autoimmune diease

Early Symptoms

When the repairing can no longer keep up with damage, symptoms begin to accumulate.

This may go on for several years before there is enough damage to the brain and spinal cord for physicians to be able to make a specific diagnosis.

You recognize that you are not well, but still your conventional medical team cannot yet make a diagnosis and they have no recommendations on how you can improve your energy or reduce your symptoms.

More Serious Immune Dysfunction

Your Brain In a Diseased State

Disease State & Diagnosis

At some point, you get a diagnosis and enter a disease state–you are told by your medical team that you have optic neuritis, clinically isolated syndrome, multiple sclerosis, or another serious autoimmune problem that is negatively affecting your thinking, energy, mood, and/or brain function.

Finally, there is a prescription: your medical team advises you to take disease-modifying drugs to prevent further damage to your brain and spinal cord.

Severe Autoimmune Dysfunction

Severe Immune Dysfunction: Multiple Autoimmune Diseases

Despite the medication, the immune dysfunction slowly worsens.

Over time, new and different organs are attacked, leading to additional autoimmune diagnoses.

It is common for patients to acquire a new autoimmune diagnosis every decade. Think back: have you developed additional health problems over time?

More and more diseases like asthma, endometriosis, rheumatoid arthritis, systemic lupus, psoriasis, and inflammatory bowel disease have immune dysfunction as part of the disease process.

If the environmental factors are not addressed, the immune system continues to damage the body and cause worsening disability.

Take Charge Of Your health

I am a clinician and treat autoimmune issues that occur in the early prodromal state, prodromal state, and diagnosed state. I am also a clinical researcher who investigates the use of therapeutic diet and lifestyle to treat autoimmune issues, including optic neuritis, clinically isolated syndrome, and multiple sclerosis. Here is a one page summary of the diet I use in my clinics and in my research to transform health.

You have a lot of control over your own health. You can eliminate fatigue, restore your energy, reduce your pain, clear your skin, improve your mood, improve your vision, and improve your strength, stamina, and balance–all without disease-modifying drugs.

I have created an interactive, virtual seminar to teach you all you need to know to reclaim your health. You’ll learn more about the root cause of why you developed your illness, and how the relationship between your genetic vulnerability (family history) and environmental factors have contributed to your illness. You will learn which health behaviors and environmental factors you can address to start feeling better.

If you are ready to understand why your immune cells began attacking your body, and how to create an environment where the rate of repair is again exceeding the rate of damage to your brain and your spinal cord, sign up for The Wahls Protocol Seminar. This event will offer straightforward, easy to implement changes that will improve your overall immune health.

You will learn about the latest science linking diet quality to the risk of relapse and disability progression, how the microbes in your bowels influence your immune cells and the risk of autoimmunity, and how the health of your mitochondria, the toxins to which you have been exposed, and hormone balance all impact immune cell function. Most importantly, you will learn diet and lifestyle behaviors that optimize your cellular health and return your body to a state of wellness and vitality.

There is so much that is under your control that you can do to improve your immune cell health. Begin transforming your health today.    

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