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As many of my Wahls Warriors ™ already know, near infared light therapy is part of my daily self-care routine.


After my 3 week trip to Australia, I spent a considerable amount of time in the sauna after my long flights to detox from all of the environmental toxins I was exposed to during my 2o+ hours of travel —  jet fuel fumes, radiation, plastics, etc.


This week, I reconnected with my friend Brian Richards from SaunaSpace who has been developing new products designed offer greater protection from electromagnetic fields (EMFs). Watch the video below to learn more about what he and his team have been up to:


SaunaSpace is a Wahls Protocol® Seminar and Retreat Sponsor. Brian and his team attended last year, and we are glad to have them returning again this year.
Will YOU join us this year? We’ve teamed up to give you an added incentive for committing to your health

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