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Medical experts will often paint a hopeless picture, especially when it comes to natural alternatives, for MS patients and those suffering from co-infections such as Lyme disease.

Many feel abandoned and left in the dark.

There is, however, a ray of hope beginning to emerge. Because experts on chronic infections and neuropathic disease have found that sauna heat therapy and near-infrared light therapy to be two of the most effective means of addressing the root causes of cellular dysfunction.

With today’s incredibly high environmental toxin and dangerous EMF exposure levels, everyone needs to be doing full-body detoxification as a foundational approach to restoring and maintaining optimal health. Our ancestors had access to an optimal healing environment of daily sun exposure, chemical-free food and unpolluted air. Near-infrared light therapy helps bring back that ancestral environment into our modern homes and aid the body in healing itself.

Near infrared sauna’s unique rejuvenative benefits are increasingly understood and being applied to all manner of health issues. Both of these therapies, as you’ll soon discover, may have direct and indirect benefits for those with MS, Lyme, and other chronic infections.

First, a primer: near-infrared wavelengths deliver a fantastic array of beneficial biological changes in 2 broad categories: light therapy effects and heat therapy effects. Toxins, including heavy metals, plastics and chemicals, are secreted via sweating during near infrared light exposure. And when near infrared photons hit our cell’s mitochondria, a fantastic array of healing systems are activated.

While there are a variety of ways to leverage the power of near-infrared light and heat therapy, the most effective form we’ve found comes from a company called SaunaSpace®, which uses incandescent near-infrared technology to gently raise core temperature and stimulate powerful cellular detoxification and rejuvenation effects. Unlike quick conventional medical “fixes” that temporarily mask your symptoms, this approach of activating our body’s built-in repair systems can result in more profound, long-term shifts in one’s health and condition.

How Near-Infrared Light Therapy Deals with the
Root Causes of MS and Lyme Symptoms

While not a “cure” (and nothing in this article should be interpreted as such), the advantage of near-infrared light therapy is that it affects nearly every cell of the body, and has been shown in countless animal and human studies to be helpful for reversing the root causes of so many diseases.

Epigenetic Repair (DNA repair) – Low-Level near-infrared Light Therapy has been shown to help optimize how the cell rebuilds itself and can even prevent cell death.

Nerve Regeneration & Improved Nerve Functioning – Using Red & near-infrared Wavelengths to stimulate cellular regeneration of nerve tissue is now strongly documented in animal and human studies, including exciting recovery for folks suffering from TBI, stroke, heart attack and other nervous trauma.

Boosting circulation – Most MS and lyme patients suffer from poor circulation due to low body temperature. As a result, the circulatory fluid thickens and can’t run smoothly through the body.

Exposure to near-infrared light causes vasodilation, the veins and arteries expand and circulation is improved. This helps oxygen to reach tissues and cells and more toxins can be flushed out. Improved oxygen circulation helps stop or decrease the spreading of infections as Lyme and other complex co-infections can’t survive in a high-oxygen environment.

Improved circulation also helps  with edema (swelling caused by excess fluid trapped in the body’s tissues) which can contribute to the muscular pain that Lyme patients commonly experience.

Inflammation & Pain reductionStudies have shown that patients suffering from various types of pain experience much needed pain relief, muscle and joint relaxation, tissue repair, reduction of inflammation and overall fatigue from near-infrared light therapy.

How Sauna Heat Therapy Addresses MS and Lyme Symptoms

Sauna Heat Therapy stimulates the production of heat shock proteins (HSPs) as a beneficial cellular stress response. These proteins can be made by most cells and play two vital roles: helping cell detoxification work better and performing “protein refolding,” which helps repair protein structure and restore protein functioning.

Heat therapy, through HSP activation, appears to be a lower risk and more effective medication-free approach to correcting autoimmune problems than immunosuppressive drugs! First clinical trials with HSPs in rheumatoid arthritis and type I diabetes have also indicated their potential to restore immune tolerance in autoimmune diseases.

Gentle elimination of pathogens and viruses By gently raising the body’s core temperature—the immune system fighters, like HSPs, are mobilized against viruses and pathogens—and they are intelligently eliminated. Incandescent near infrared saunas are dry air and have a low, comfy 105-115°F products, so they are tolerable for even the most sensitive users.

Heavy Metal, Chemical & Plastics Detox Whether you had mercury fillings or not, eat fish or not, we are all exposed to heavy metals daily. They are present in the air, water, even foods you wouldn’t suspect (organic kale can sometimes be high in thallium, for instance).

These toxic metals deplete and disrupt various systems in our bodies, making it a perfect breeding ground for infections. Multiple studies have revealed that sweating induced by sauna can permanently pull out these heavy metals from our bodies.

SaunaSpace | Low EMF Near Infrared Sauna Solutions

Decongestion of the lymphatic systemRegular exercise is key for a properly functioning lymphatic system as sweating is an effective way to activate lymphatic response… but so is sauna!

People suffering from MS and Lyme frequently experience fatigue and low energy, so incorporating regular vigorous exercise can be challenging. The amount of toxins stored in the lymphatic system can overgrow and become too much for the lymphatic system to process and eliminate. Due to increased circulation, near-infrared light therapy and sweat therapy can aid in improving blood flow and helping the body get toxins moving to be sweated out.

Improving Brain & Nerve Functioning – Increased Brain-Derived-Neurotropic Factor (BDNF) production in the nervous cells means better nerve, brain and cognitive functioning. Sauna use is also linked to decreased dementia and Alzheimers.

Repair Mitochondrial Function and Integrity – Mitochondrial dysfunction is increasingly being seen as a primary factor in disease. In various ways, heat therapy has been shown to make the mitochondria work better and to help the body make more mitos!

Reducing Inflammation – The heat shock therapy of sauna reduces inflammation and inflammatory protein responses at the cellular level, which can lead to both feeling better and positively impacting overall health.

Reversing the Terrible Peroxynitrite Cycle Damage Caused by EMF Stress – Peroxynitrite cycle dysfunction is thought to cause chronic fatigue (CFS), multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS), fibromyalgia (FM), and a host of other chronic inflammatory diseases. Sauna Therapy has been shown in 2 different ways to reverse the vicious free radical/peroxynitrite stress pathways that are triggered by toxic EMF stress. And sure enough, studies are showing sauna therapy and heat therapy in general are very effective for relieving pain and neuropathic symptoms of CFS, MCS and FM.

Why Everyone Should Be Concerned With EMFs Right Now

We are in the midst of an explosion of smartphones and internet-connected devices. In addition to the rise in cellular usage, it’s estimated there are 100 million+ WiFi routers in the US alone—and 24 billion connected devices globally by 2020. We are all bathing in man-made electromagnetic fields (EMF) on a daily basis.

Yet because the effects of artificial EMF are not immediately as obvious as other toxins, EMF protection is one of those things that patients don’t tend to take as seriously in their recovery plans. Still, we see in numerous studies that EMFs damage our cells and EMFs affect pathogens in our bodies.

How does EMF damage our body?

VGCC Opening – EMF exposure stimulates so called voltage-gated calcium channels (VGCCs). These VGCCs are located in the outer membrane of all human cells. Once activated, they open up and allow toxic amounts of calcium flow into the cells.

Free Radical Peroxynitrite Cycle Dysfunction – Rapid excess calcium flooding into the cells causes harm due to massive production of a lot of free radicals that damage our cells, like peroxynitrite. This peroxynitrite oxidative stress cycle over-activity leads to mitochondrial dysfunction and is one of the causes for nearly all chronic disease, including MS.

This chain reaction triggered by EMF is responsible for DNA damage, especially in the brain and the heart as these tissue types have the highest densities of VGCCs. This means that folks with neurological dysfunction are probably most adversely affected by EMF stress.

Furthermore, calcium has been shown dramatically slow production of heat shock proteins during heat shock, so the EMF stress literally counteracts our body’s detox ability that we want to activate by doing sauna therapy.

Increasing Damaging Pathogen Activity – one study found that microbes in our bodies perceive EMF as an attack and are releasing biotoxins as a defense mechanism. Other studies indicate that yeast and bacteria activity increases when they are exposed to mid-to-high frequency radio waves! These biotoxins damage the liver and keep it from eliminating toxins or digesting fats.

Causing Blood-Brain Barrier to Leak and Compounding Leaky Gut Damage – Digestion is a parasympathetic (rest and digest) process as opposed to sympathetic (fight or flight). Stress keeps the nervous system from being in an optimal digestive parasympathetic state.  Undigested fats or constant exposure to glyphosate-contaminated food can lead to intestinal permeability (“leaky gut”). When the gut is “leaky”, microbes and biotoxins in the gut can get into the bloodstream and cause chronic infection anywhere in the body, including the brain, because the EMF exposure disrupts the voltage controls of the blood brain barrier.

Antibiotic Resistance  Issues – A recent study revealed that bacteria exposed to mobile phone and WiFi radiation can become resistant to antibiotics. Considering that conventional medicine commonly approaches MS and Lyme disease treatment with the use of antibiotics, these highly-sensitive patients have their good bacteria weakened in both ways. This leads to even more EMF stress, and more lasting EMF damage.

EMF shielding in the healing space of the sauna is an essential strategy to avoid biotoxins buildup, free-radical formation and oxidative stress damage caused by EMF stress.

How Does the SaunaSpace Near-Infrared Sauna
Compare to Traditional Saunas?

SaunaSpace near-infrared sauna offers a safer, gentler and more effective detox than regular wet saunas by leveraging the power of near-infrared light therapy to activate cellular energy and healing systems during your detoxification.

Gentler, Lower Air Temperature – Our near-infrared technology provides full-body detox in a gentler environment using dry air and lower 105-115°F air temperature compared to 150°F far-infrared sauna air temperature or even higher 180°F used in Finnish sauna.

Better, Radiant Heating – The reason for near-infrared sauna to be the most effective detox solution is because the gentle heat produced by near infrared wavelengths is able to penetrate deeper into muscles and tissues, compared to the inefficient surface heat of conventional & far-infrared saunas. This is what helps explain its considerable detox benefits, and sweat response even though the air temperature is much lower than a traditional sauna.

Near Infrared Light Therapy is the Force Multiplier – Stimulating the mitochondria with light therapy promotes regeneration and anti-aging in all the cells, as discussed above…and it may even enhance the benefits of sauna therapy directly by helping the cells produce heat shock proteins more rapidly.

Furthermore, our Faraday™ Shielding System option protects from external toxic EMF, detoxification is most optimal in a 100% EMF-free environment, as the body is finally stress-free and EMF is not counteracting the HSP production.

Full EMF ShieldingMost MS and Lyme patients are hyper-sensitive to electromagnetic fields (EMF). The far-infrared technology uses electric heating pads and emitters that give off unhealthy levels of EMF and may do more harm than good for sensitive patients. SaunaSpace® usesEMF-shielded incandescent near-infrared technology used by SaunaSpace® differs from standard far-infrared electric coils. Incandescent light is Nature’s Light and is a primal nutrient & heat source that our bodies have adapted to over millions of years.

The Only Total Protection from the Electrosmog – SaunaSpace’s 2nd-Generation Faraday™ Sauna offers proven full 5G-rated EMF protection at frequencies all the way up to 40 GHz (typical LTE frequencies vary from 800 MHz to 2 GHz). Initial reports on 5G radiation, though anecdotal, has lead many to believe that it’s much more intense and potentially damaging to the body. The human body and it microbes and pathogens have never been exposed to these types of frequencies.

We believe that daily infrared light sauna therapy paired with EMF shielding should be a first step in your recovery journey. Not an add-on to your wellness routine. Your body needs a stress-free environment to heal and repair.

By using the power of the sun’s full-spectrum light in an EMF-free space, we are allowing our bodies to tap into their innate intelligence and healing wisdom.

This is not a luxury, it’s a necessity.

SaunaSpace® facts at a glance:

  • SaunaSpace® – is the most powerful full-body detox solution to not only get rid of your symptoms, but target the root cause of your suffering
  • Beauty, Energy, Weight Management, EMF-protection, Pain Relief, Muscle Relaxation, Detoxification, Skin Rejuvenation, Mitochondrial Support and More
  • Zero EMF exposure and help reverse EMF damage
  • 100% chemical-free, hypoallergenic materials make SaunaSpace® the safest, most gentle form of detoxification on earth
  • Portable personal design, small ecological footprint
  • Low running costs compared to traditional saunas due to very low energy consumption
  • All purchases come with the peace of mind of a 100% money-back guarantee and lifetime warranty on all SaunaSpace® products, backed up with excellent customer service.
  • All SaunaSpace® Products are include free shipping, free return pickup and a 100 Day Risk-Free Trial in the USA.

Bottom line: beyond following a healthy diet and lifestyle—if you had just 20-30 minutes each day to maximize your cellular health, detoxification, rejuvenation, and longevity—spend it in a SaunaSpace®.

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Name:  Brian JF Richards

Title: Founder of  SaunaSpace and Lead  Product Developer

Bio: Brian fully healed  his toxin-related acne, “brain fog¨ adrenal fatigue, and more with the power of the incandescent sauna therapy full  spectrum near-infrared light heat therapy His personal journey to optimal health inspired him to create SaunaSpace’s Incandescent Sauna product line in order to help others discover the pathway to natural healing which now includes the world’s 1stFaraday Cage Sauna.


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