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Recently, my team and I met to look thoughtfully at the work we are doing and the impact we want to have on the medical, health and wellness community in the coming years. One question that was asked of me during the session was… “What is the legacy you want to leave through your research, your books and the work you do with patients?” 

“I want to heal a billion people by changing the standard of care within the medical world by bringing proven, science-based solutions to those who are suffering from some form of autoimmune disfunction.”

It felt good to articulate this vision in such a succinct manner and inspired my team to join the quest. 

But the truth is, I cannot do this alone. I cannot achieve my goal to heal 1 billion people of autoimmune dysfunction without an army of health professionals to help me carry the torch and spread the news of what we have discovered through my own story, my years of research and my clinical work with patients. 

It was this truth – that we cannot do it alone – that inspired a new vision for myself and my team … to take our existing certification program, which has certified more than 150 health professionals in the Wahls Protocol, to the next level. 

So, we embarked upon a quest to do whatever it takes to make the Wahls Protocol Certification Program the most respected and effective certification program of its kind. 

Here’s what in the works to achieve this goal…

  • The launch of the Wahls Academy and our Certification 2.0 Training Center with the latest research-based discoveries, bonus case studies and an interactive learning experience that makes getting certified simple and efficient.
  • Our Certified Practitioner Resource Center where health professionals can find a wealth of tools, instruction guides, and checklists to help their patients change their health behaviors with the Wahls Protocol.
  • My newly revised book entitled, The Wahls Protocol, which serves as a convenient “how to” Guide for health professionals and their patients.
  • A cookbook that enables patients to simply and cost-effectively transform their health by embracing one of the Wahls’ diet plans.
  • A user-friendly online directory where thousands of individuals go every week to locate a Certified Practitioner to guide them in the Wahls Protocol methodology.
  • A world-wide media blitz planned for March of 2020, when the newly revised edition of my book will receive global attention. It’s anticipated that traffic to our online directory will increase 10 fold during and after this book launch.  

While this is all very exciting, my team and I wanted to do something that no other Certification program currently offers…

  • In 2020, we will be launching our long-awaited program called “Autoimmune Intervention Mastery.” It’s designed to walk your patients through a carefully curated 6-week experience where they will embrace the diet and lifestyle changes proven to accelerate their health and healing.

What is perhaps the most exciting part of this project, is that those Certified in the Wahls Protocol will be eligible to use this state-of-the-art, online program work privately with patients either one-on-one or in groups. To help our Practitioners market and sell this program, we will also be providing step-by-step guidance and beautifully branded marketing materials to position themselves as a qualified and highly sought after expert on the rapidly growing autoimmune epidemic.

So there you have it… our plan to bring together thousands of health practitioners around the world to help us achieve our vision of healing 1 billion people who are suffering from autoimmune disfunction.

My question to you… 

  • Will you join us in this fight against the ever-present, rapidly growing autoimmune epidemic? 
  • Will you take the step to educate yourself on the latest science-based discoveries to better serve your patients?
  • Will you say yes to benefit from being a part of our 2020 campaign to raise awareness through the launch of my new book and the Autoimmune Mastery Course?
  • Will you say yes to new clients who are seeking the support to transform their health through the life-changing principles of The Wahls Protocol?

If yes, click here to apply for certification.

Need more information? Click here to learn more about my in-person and virtual training options.

Together we can transform the standard of care and undo the devastating effects of autoimmune disfunction.

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