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What’s one of the most powerful things that you can do to increase strength and improve your rehabilitation efforts?

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How do you get stronger? How do we improve our rehab? 

Of course, exercise is part of that, but did you know that sleep is also a critical component of improving your strength? We need to be able to sleep. 

While we sleep is when our body is doing some very important functions, and these include repairing and rebuilding our muscle cells so they will be stronger and more vigorous. 

That’s part of how our muscles get stronger, our bones get stronger, and actually, it’s a big part of the normal functioning of our bodies.

Now, I am having this great conversation with Sheryl Poremba who’s a physical therapist who will be talking with us about why she stresses sleep quality when she’s working with her patients in her physical therapy practice. So, yes, she certainly is teaching them the importance of exercise, of strengthening, of balance training, of stretching, but she also stresses the importance of getting a good night’s sleep.

My advice is your target should be seven to nine hours of sleep.

My top tips to achieve optimal sleep:

  • Include a wind-down time so that you’ve turned off the social media
  • Turn off email
  • Have screens turned off — reduce blue light exposure
  • Lower your core temperature with an ice bath before bed or invest in a Chili Pad
  • Have a meditative practice
  • Take an Epsom salts bath
  • Make time for prayer, reflection, and ease into your nighttime routine

 Sheryl will talk with us about the conversations that she’s having with her physical therapist in her physical therapy practice. 

Yes, exercise is vital, stretching is vital, but so is sleep.

If we don’t have good sleep, it will be much harder for you to build stronger muscle cells, stronger bones, stronger ligaments, and harder for you to improve your physical functioning. 

We’ll be having this conversation with Sheryl as part of the bonus calls that we’re having with the Wahls Protocol® Virtual Seminar. Don’t miss out. 

You’ll certainly learn more key tips on how to improve the quality of your sleep.

On our March 2nd Bonus Call, Physical Therapist and Wahls Protocol® Health Practitioner, Sheryl Poremba will teach Wahls Warriors™ how sleep is vital to physical performance.

If your strengthening or rehabilitation program is something you are struggling with—this is one important call you won’t want to miss.

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