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Dr. Terry Wahls presented at TEDxIowaCity. She talks about learning how to properly fuel her body, and using the lessons she learned at the subcellular level, she used diet to cure her MS and get out of her wheelchair.

To learn more about Dr. Wahls, sign up for her email list, and order The Wahls Protocol today.

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  • Linda Meyer

    Thank you! I am spreading your facts!

    • Chloe Rankin

      Hi Linda!

      That’s great to hear! This diet is not only important to those suffering from disease; it can be helpful everyone! Thanks for spreading the word!

  • David

    Thank you for posting this!

  • ann

    Thank you!

  • Peter Lawton

    When building new molecules in our reactors, we would not dream of using just any feed-stock. When fueling a diesel-powered car, we would not dream of using aviation fuel. Our bodies are so much more finely tuned than a reactor or a car, so why do we mess with our feed-stock or our fuel? Other natural animals don’t, so why do we think we can get away with it? We are silly animals.

  • Joe

    Wow, that is powerful stuff!!
    I’m on-board definitely. I do have a couple of questions however:

    – what are the implications, if any, for world hunger? One of the goals behind prolific grain production has been to feed the hungry in the developing world. Is there enough grass-fed meat on the planet to meet everyone’s needs?

    – what the policy implications for keeping our food chain contaminant-free? I am thinking about, in particular, organ meats which may concentrate any toxins that the animal was exposed to. How do we clean up our food chain? (And keep it affordable for people to purchase this food).

    I can’t wait to get my hands on your book!!


  • Sunny

    I would appreciate hearing from another person who is using Wahl’s protocol.

    • Cougar Brenneman

      I’m a long-time user of the Wahls protocol. I have had MS for 18 years, and as soon as I was diagnosed, I immediately went on the Swank diet. Then in 2005, Chris Linington published work about dairy being poison to people with MS in the Journal of Immunology, so I gave up all dairy. Then I got a job working at the MS clinic at UCSF San Francisco. Here, I learned about the importance of vitamin D and I made sure that my serum levels stay between 70 and 100 nanograms per milliliter.

      As soon as I saw the Wahls TEDx Talk, I adopted her diet. I found that it gave me my energy back and stopped my progression. I am 63 years old, and my neurologist thinks that most of my stiffness comes from age, not MS.

      I’m absolutely sold on the Wahls diet. In addition, my wife is chronically disabled with a variety of conditions, too many to count here. When she went on the Wahls diet, her chronic pain of many decades cleared up 90%. She stopped taking three Percocet per day and now only takes the occasional Tylenol.

      The only problem I have with the Wahls diet is that Dr. Wahls makes a recommendation that is not only completely unscientific, but is harmful. There is absolutely no legitimate science that holds up in peer-reviewed studies to suggest that microwave cooking is bad, yet that remains one of the strong recommendations in the Wahls diet.

      Microwave cooking, if done correctly, preserves nutrients and helps to ensure that your nutrient levels in your blood are at the highest level possible, which is the entire goal of the Wahls diet.

      I’ve written to every person I can find in the Wahls camp, and have yet to receive a scientific response to my letters. I feel that this is an important issue to be addressed, but the people around Dr. Wahls do not take scientific queries seriously.

      Other than than, I’m very grateful for Dr. Wahls and all that she has brought to the world.

  • Alex

    My question is based on my understanding that MS is the result of damaged nerves due to demyelination. That said, did the Dr.’s diet change actually repair these damaged or scarred nerves and/or were new ones built? Anyone know? Thank you in advance.

  • Kate Malvasi

    Dear Dr Walhs, I have been meaning to write to tell you of my success on your protocol. I am an RN, 66 yrs old & was DX with MS 3 years ago and was placed on several different medications, including Copaxone, and Aubagio, among several others. My first MRI showed about 26 lesion in my brain. I had all the other tests to determine that it was MS. Last January I have a second MRI which showed 3 times the amount of lesions I had previously. I was very upset having been on all these medications and it appeared nothing was working. One night in March of this year I was driving and heard you on Doctor Radio. I listened to you tell your story, and discuss the Wahls Protocol. That night I went home and decided to start the diet the next morning. I felt if it could keep me from becoming crippled and give me my cognition back, I would whole heartedly do it. I downloaded your book on my ipad, and spent the whole day reading and trying to absorb the concept. The next day I started level 3 of the protocol. I felt if I was going to do this I just needed to jump in. I was previously a carbaholic, so I definitely had some pretty difficult withdrawal from the elimination of carbs and sugars, but I stuck it out. At that time my symptoms were: poor balance, severe pain, weakness and burning in my muscles with the least exertion. Going up the stairs in my house was getting more and more difficult. I had difficulty with memory and word finding, and confusion. I was getting double vision, h/a & I had bladder urgency and difficulty getting the urine out when I did go.

    I have been on the Wahls Protocol for almost 6 months now and I am amazed at the difference in my physical and mental health. I also had IBS and RA, for which I’ve been on many 3rd string medicatioins for or years. My neurologist in June wanted to start me on Gelania, for which he had me go off all other meds that lowered my immune system. I am on no medications right now and haven’t been since June. I no longer have bowel issues (which I’ve had since I was 13 yrs old). My RA is in remission right now, and ALL my MS symptoms have disappeared. If this wasn’t happening to me I don’t think I’d believe it could. I am so very greatful that I heard you that night on the radio and started this amazing treatment. I am a new persom. For the first time in many years I’m not in pain. I actually feel good. I have been back to my neurologist and told him about it, but he really didn’t buy into it. I don’t see the need to go on any meds right now if I’m feeling so good. I hope that’s the right decision to make. My insurance does not cover natural medicine or nutritionists, so I’ve been on my own with the exception of following your guidelines. Please give me any advice you might have. Oh by the way, I also lost 20 lbs, and my family can’t get over the difference in how clear my skin is and my mental clarity. God bless you and keep you well.
    Very gratefully,
    Kate Malvasi

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