In Wahls Warriors

Dear Dr. Wahls,

At the recommendation of Maureen Russo, I explored the information on your webpage a week ago Friday. Another friend had attended one of your talks last year. So I have heard about your incredible story and information from multiple people.

After exploring the info on your webpage, I went to New Pi [A local food co-op] with a grocery list with colors: red, purple, black, orange, etc. Since then I have been cooking (my husband has been thrilled!) and really enjoying a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. And, as a result I have felt so good.

So my message today is a simple, THANK YOU for enhancing the quality of my life. Even though I have not had the privilege of meeting you in person, I have benefitted greatly from the information you have shared on your webpage and from your model of eating a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. One challenge I have had is how to introduce kelp and seaweed powder in my diet in a tasty way. Perhaps you have a recipe for salad dressing that includes these foods? Maybe I can make it to one of your July talks.

With much appreciation,

— Mary L. Cohen, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Music, University of Iowa

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