Kirsten Serrano, Nutrition Consultant & Food Literacy Coach

Small Wonder Food Kirsten is a 4-in-1 nutrition and food literacy coach that helps individuals regain focus, energy, productivity, and overall health. Her coaching program is built upon her expertise as a: Nutrition professional certified by Bauman College with Honors Organic Farmer & Local Food Advocate Long Time Restaurateur & Chef Patient & Consumer of […]

Carla Copas, APRN

Finding Her Health Carla is a women’s health expert. She specializes in hormone balance along with nutritional and supplemental support from a Functional Medicine and integrative view. Available for Telehealth

Dr. Mel Schottenstein, NMD, MBE

Dr. Mel Schottenstein is originally from Cincinnati, Ohio and studied Women, Gender, Sexuality, and History of Science and Medicine at Harvard University for her undergraduate degree. Interested in learning skills of medical mediation and to promote cultural competency amongst health care providers, she completed a Master’s degree in Bioethics at the University of Pennsylvania. Subsequently, […]

Edward Paget

The Scoliosis Correction Protocol Osteopathy, movement, and nutrition for optimal health Website: Online movement-based therapy for people with scoliosis.

Chandramohan Batra

M.D. Primary Health Care at Mercy Let the clinical staff know that you want to see Dr. Batra for Dr. Wahls Protocol® for your diagnosis