Fadhel Husain

Health coach certificate from the Integrative Institute of Nutrition IIN, 2016 The Functional Medicine Coaching Academy FMCA, 2018

Kathy Friedle

Visit www.yourhealthupgrade.com Kathy Friedle has spent her 25+ year career as an Occupational Therapist, helping her clients find solutions to what was standing in their way of living their best life, doing whatever was important to them. It is in her career that she learned to view a client holistically and consider the whole person […]

Wendy Van Dyke

I have been a Nurse and Nurse Practitioner for over 30 years serving clients from the pre-natal period to the dying process. My own journey with autoimmune illnesses led me down the path of Functional and Integrative Medicine to solve my own puzzles. Now in the process of transitioning to a virtual practice helping clients […]

Cathy McIntyre R.R.T.

Healthy Healing Longevity Studio My own health journey has given me proof that diet and lifestyle are the keys to not only a healthy and vibrant, life but also for disease prevention and treatment. This can, however, be difficult to achieve due to an overwhelming abundance of conflicting information about nutrition on the internet and […]

David Lerner, L.Ac., EAMP, MTCM

David Lerner, L.Ac., EAMP, MTCM Heart Of Wellness www.david-lerner.com I’ve been practicing acupuncture,  herbal medicine and nutrition since 1994.  I have a clinical focus in functional medicine, which I do in conjunction with one of our clinic’s naturopathic physicians.    I’m trained in the Bredesen Protocol, taught by Dale Bredesen, MD, and I’ve studied extensively […]

Michael Smith

Planet Naturopath www.planetnaturopath.com/ Naturopath with a focus on functional medicine to identify the underlying cause of health problems – using diet, nutrition and lifestyle changes to help you improve your health. I work via phone or video consultations with clients around the world.

Anthony Pollitt

Health & Wellness Specialist, Clinical Nutritionist https://www.eatingelephants.life/ Master of Science in Applied Clinical Nutrition (NYCC), Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner (FMU) and Certified Ketogenic Nutrition Specialist (BCNS) – assisting and educating clients in make dietary, lifestyle, and environmental changes for better health

Craig Tanio

Rezilir Health www.rezilirhealth.com Craig Tanio, MD, FACP, IFMCP is the CEO and Co-founder of Rezilir Health™, a clinical group that specializes in reversing complex chronic conditions with a focus on cognitive decline, environmentally acquired illness, neurodegenerative diseases, and autoimmune conditions. The Rezilir team combines the best of lifestyle, precision, functional and conventional medicine in a […]

Becca Fichtl, NTM

www.realfoodphilosopher.com In-person and Virtual practice Nutrition Therapy is a bio-individual and holistic approach to health. Its focus is on food and lifestyle with great consideration to the individual response of both internal and external factors. Through targeted nutritional therapy, I use food and lifestyle changes to provide your body with the strongest weapons for your battle. […]