Coach Anita Monique Email: I am a holistic Practitioner & Coach that focuses on root cause of any diagnosis by addressing the client as a “whole”person. It is my passion to make every client I encounter the BEST versions of themselves.

Pamela Hernandez

Sharlin Health and Neurology Neurology & Functional Medicine As a part of the Sharlin Health and Neurology team, I am the director of our Neuro Fitness programs. Neuro Fitness is an exercise solution for people experiencing fatigue, brain fog, and loss of strength and balance. I work with patients in our clinic and offer fitness […]

Rachel Wemple

Sharlin Health & Neurology Traditional Neurology and Functional Medicine Neurology with Dr. Ken Sharlin.

Kristina Demek

Agile Wellness Solutions Kristina Demek, FDN-P is the founder and CEO of Agile Wellness Solutions. She is a Functional Wellness & Life Coach who assists women in aligning their immune system with their physical, energetic, mental, intuitive, and spiritual bodies for resiliency and vitality.  Kristina draws from her own personal healing journey with Lyme, mold, […]

Irina Risukhina, M. Sc.

Irina Risukhina, M. Sc. Food Science, Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition Holistic Practitioner at Holistic Nutritional Therapy LLC Dr. Wahls’ Protocols are the perfect foundation and a necessary element for any autoimmune disease protocol. I achieved profound change in my own health by using the protocols and applying my knowledge of functional nutritional therapy. […]

Rebecca Van der Merwe

Neuroceptive Learning GmbH Polarity therapist and Somatic Leadership Coach, using Solution Focus Therapy, Ontological Coaching, Psychosynthesis, Systemic Coaching and Somatic Experience.  I am well versed in the Polyvagal Theory, early childhood reflexes, and sensory integrating to optimise the functioning of the nervous system.   My main aim is to assist my clients with their core-, […]

Melody Sapien

Melody Sapien Wellness I am a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner that helps others manage their autoimmunity through nutrition, lifestyle and mindset habits using a bio-individual approach.

Dr. Becky Campbell Dr. Becky Campbell is a board-certified doctor of natural medicine who was initially introduced to functional medicine as a patient. She struggled with many of the issues her patients struggle with today, and she has made it her mission to help patients all around the world with her virtual practice. Dr. Becky Campbell is […]

Martine Tardif

Martine Tardif, MA, d.Hom, is a Naturotherapist and a member of the ANQ association in Quebec. She received her MA in Integrated Health from The Graduate Institute, USA, and her homeopathy diploma from École d’Homéopathie Classique in Quebec and studied under Dr. Shahram Ayoubzadeh at the Ottawa College of Homeopathy. She has a background in […]