Nobin John FMCHC

Orka Wellness I am a Functional medicine certified health coach with an active practice in Hong Kong and India. My focus on Health Management as a lifestyle choice and combine it with positive psychology to bring healing growth and sustainable happiness.

Ann Pinchak

Pinchak Nutritional Therapy/Facilitation Ann Pinchak is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (F-NTP), a school for those seeking a foundational and holistic approach for assessing nutritional deficiencies in the body. The program is evidence-based science, honoring bio-individuality and the body’s natural capacity to heal. Prior to studying at the NTA, she practiced immigration and civil rights […]

Dr. Kristina Bosnar

Bosnar Health Functional Medicine practitioner specializing in perinatal care and pediatric gut and autoimmune care.

Valerie Sharlin

Sharlin Health and Neurology I am a Health Coach for Dr. Sharlin’s Neurology practice, click here to visit practice website

Jodi Buse

Icore Health and Wellness I offer a holistic approach to food following a ketogenic lifestyle as well as habit change. I am a certified personal trainer focussing on strength and mobility exercises.

Samar Shadly

Respirologist specialized in advanced lung disease (interstitial lung disease & pulmonary hypertension), and lung transplant.

Anupam Bhatia

Anupam is From the Institute of Integrative Nutrition worlds leading nutrition school and she specializes in holistic & integrative nutrition. She also specializes in gut health as she has done an advanced gut health program from IIN New York. She treats patients with Autoimmune, cancer & lifestyle diseases across the globe. She is the first […]


Letz Be Healthy Amber Letz, NBC-HWC, FMCHC Amber Letz has 25+ years of experience in moving people in to a healthier lifestyle. Her journey began with her own family as she saw the need to take prevention in to her own hands to make sure her children had the best nutrition in order to be […]