Dr. Christian Rauch, MSc.

Ich heiße Dr. Christian Rauch, MSc. und bin zertifizierter Wahls Protocol ® Health Practicioner. Zusammen können wir das Wahls Protokoll ® Schritt für Schritt in deinen Tagesablauf integrieren und den optimalen Nutzen für deine persönliche Gesundung aus diesem Programm herausziehen. Solltest Du an Multipler Sklerose leiden, findest Du in mir einen Mitbetroffenen. Aus eigener Perspektive […]

Stacey Luetmer

Flourish Health, flourishmd.com Dr. Luetmer is an MD, board-certified in Family Medicine. She has also had extensive functional medicine training not only with the Wahl’s Protocol®, but has also completed all the courses through the Institute for Functional Medicine.  She has trained extensively for environmental illnesses by completing the CIRS courses through A4M under Dr. […]

Renny Letswalo

Renny Letswalo is a Wahls Protocol® Health Practitioner, a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach, and a Recode 2.0 Certified Health Coach. Renny empowers people to explore therapeutic lifestyle changes to help heal their experienced dis-ease. Working in collaboration with a physician, she supports participants to make the necessary, dietary and lifestyle strategies to address the root cause of […]

Dr. Naghmeh Eskandari DC.

drmelodydc.com Licensed Chiropractor; Certified Yoga Therapist; Certified Functional Medicine Health Coach; Certified Gluten Sensitivity Practitioner, Certified Wahls protocol Practitioner Due to my own past health issues and years of suffering  I am passionate in helping anyone with autoimmune disease caused by food sensitivities. I strongly believe that true human nature is living in the “state of […]

Lidija Cikojevic

Holistic Integrity Holisticintegrity.ca I am a health coach, CBT practitioner, and student of Naturopathic medicine with a focus on MS and autoimmunity, offering coaching on healthy lifestyle interventions.

Stephanie N Drysdale

About Your Health, LLC   RN, Licensed Massage Therapist, Licensed Esthetician, Certified Esthetic Instructor, Certified Health Coach