Karan Gupta, MD, MPH

Dr Gupta’s Mindful Healing Center * Practicing in-person as well as worldwide via video conferencing. web: https://www.dr-gupta.com/ email: appointments@dr-gupta.com After having overcome severe Ulcerative Colitis with the help of basic Functional Medicine principles, Dr Gupta now works with autoimmune disease patients all over the world. Dr Gupta works with patients suffering from Multiple Sclerosis, Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s, Hormonal […]

EW van de Griendt, MD

Mrs. EW van de Griendt, MD, is a primary care physician in the Netherlands since 1995. Her practice Huisartsen Schiedam Noord is based in Schiedam, near Rotterdam. She finished her study Orthomolecular Health Care (comparable to Functional Medicine) in 2018 and has been certified as a Wahls Protocol Health Professional in February 2019. She will start group sessions […]

Dr. Helen Cross

Visit www.healthengineer.co.nz Dr. Helen Cross is passionate about helping people transform their health by transforming their diet and lifestyle. Driven by her energy, vision and personal journey healing her own autoimmune conditions, she has transformed her career over the last few years from a leading business strategist, mentor and director to a pioneering health coach […]

Darryl Edwards

Exercise and Health Coach, Nutritionist Darryl sees clients locally in London and via webcam/telephone from individuals globally who want to incorporate nutrition and movement lifestyle changes that lead to better health. Visit primalplay.com for more information

Dr. Kristine Lokken

Brain Health & Research Institute The Brain Health & Research Institute was created to apply the most innovative advances in DNA genomics with scientific precision and rigor to our functional medical therapies and treatment protocols. The result is a demonstrated early clinical promise in the detection, slowing, and in some cases, reversal of brain disease […]