In Wahls Warriors

Now it’s almost a year (10 and a half months) that I follow the Wahls Protocol and I consider myself as a Wahls Warrior.
It’s very important that you know that my situation has had great improvements, i.e.:
-No more hard back pain
-More strength
– I can sometimes walk for a half mile
– I can stand up without needing to sit down every 5 minutes
-I am restarting physical activity such as gym, stretching, abdominal exercises
-Sometimes I go swimming
-I quit with paracetamol after having an injection of Rebif (I hope to quit that also as soon as my neurologist says I can)
– Great weight loss. I lost about 20 kg and now weigh 75kg, the same as I did at age 18. (I’m 37 years old.)
– Now I really think that I can win against MS
-My last MRI was quite good. No activity was shown and all the lesions are the same as last year.

All of this was possible only by following The Wahls Protocol!

Thank you very much and be proud of your research!

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